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We send an alert to you for any service that is down for more than 5 minutes. The question is, after receiving one of these alerts, where do you go to see the status of all of your services and to start the troubleshooting process?

Inside illume there is a single pane of glass through which you can see every one of your connections, their status, latency, jitter and bandwidth utilisation, and a bunch of other important details such as IP addresses and circuit types.

It’s called Pulse and here’s what it looks like.

This is a powerful tool for your NOC to use, and for our MSP partners, it provides a differentiator – a way to add value, through the insights provided and the shareable link.

If you would like us to create a unique dashboard view for a subset of customers, or a specific WAN, so you can share that view with a particular client, just let us know and we’ll get that sorted for you.

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