IP Transit Services

Got a customer with their own AS number, or have your own? Get more control with IP Transit. If you are operating and administering an AS, and have a sound understanding of how BGP operates, we have IP Transit services with generous burst ratios, 95th percentile billing, and crystal clear service level agreements.

Peering & Caching

Mutual peering and caching with the biggest content providers, such as Google, Netflix, Cloudflare, Akamai, etc.

Points of Presence

Locations where needed to access all levels of fibre, copper, and mobile data services.

International Access

Redundancy, routing, and diverse paths guarantee uptime and low latency.

Carrier Connections

Direct carrier connections for easy service provisioning and end to end control.

Express Route

Fast access to the Microsoft Cloud over a private Lightwire connection.

AWS Direct Connect

Secure Layer 2 connection to AWS over your private Lightwire connection.


Core Network Design

Core Network

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