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Starting out as a university project back in 2006 to bridge the connectivity gap rural communities face, Lightwire is growing rapidly, now employing more than 60 full time staff across both Australia and New Zealand. Our journey of growth is fuelled by a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and a strong commitment to employee well-being.

With designer offices nestled in Hamilton (NZ) and Southport (AU), we also champion the flexibility of remote work, ensuring that our team can thrive from the comfort of their homes.

The remarkable Employee NPS score of 85 echoes our unwavering dedication to fostering a nurturing and rewarding work environment.

Let’s dive into the benefits meticulously crafted to enhance your professional and personal journey:

  • Extensive Wellbeing Programme: Includes gym memberships, wellness sessions, and Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Coordinator. We offer a 45-minute weekly wellness session to encourage activities and coaching that will support the health and wellbeing of our team (this relays to both physical and mental health).
  • Top Quartile Salaries: We look at industry stats and recruitment data, and ensure we are consistently paying in the upper quartile. We are prepared to adjust any time to ensure we are meeting the market for high performance.
  • Wellness allowance: A quarterly allowance to encourage employees to take ownership of their wellbeing so they can be their best self both personally and professionally, as well as create new life-long wellbeing habits. 
  • Clothing Allowance: Dressing to impress costs money, we provide an annual clothing allowance to help you look professional.
  • Best internet around town: An unlimited home internet connection is available to our team from the best provider in town (Lightwire of course!).
  • Flexibility. The 9–5 can be a juggle. So, to make things easier for our team, we consider flexible working arrangements to create a work + life fit that works for each individual, as well as the company. How do we achieve this? We trust our team.
  • KiwiSaver 4%: We contribute and match to 4% of your KiwiSaver contributions.
  • First Homeowner Contribution: For A players, we recognise that taking that first big step and committing to buying your own home is a big deal, we help with a one-off contribution (up to $7,500) to your deposit.
  • Extended Leave: Sometimes you just want to be able to explore the world – been with us for more than 2 years, we are happy for you to take some extended leave of absence to complete that round the world trip.
  • No-Red-Tape Credit Card: Every staff member gets a company credit card for company expenses, so you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed.
  • Home office: Dive into a home office setup that’s as inspiring as it is efficient (our in-house home-office design guru, Nick Phillips, will have plenty of tips), this is coupled with our work from anywhere, and flexible working hours philosophy  – sometimes you just need to be able to work from home for a variety of reasons – like family!
  • 100% of the best tools that you need for the job: All the software, hardware and systems that you need to do your job both at work and at home. Whether that’s a MacBook pro or some specific tool, we want to empower you to do your best work.
  • Book Benefit: We want to support you to reach your full potential and continue learning. That’s why we offer our team unlimited professional development books to remove any barriers to this.


Specific benefits largely based around features of our offices:


  • Best office in town: Standing desks are just the start of a great place to work, alongside multiple monitor setup, coffee machine, and a stacked snack cupboard.
  • Not just technical training: We recognise that it’s just not about providing technical skill training, soft skills like listening and resiliency are equally important, and as a company we invest in both.
  • Car Parks: Work full time for us, need a car park – we provide it.
  • Thursday craft beer drinks and after work nibbles. A chance for the team to try different beers each from a local brewery while catching up and winding down.


We are very proud of the culture we have built and the value we place on employee’s happiness.

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Some of the team on Funky Shirt Day during Lightwire Week 2023.

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