Core ACS

We help Internet Service Providers get ahead with secure remote configuration and management of network devices.

If you are looking to create more efficient provisioning and support processes to drive profitability, Core ACS will enable just that, providing you with a highly scalable and affordable platform from which you can accurately provision services at speed and pre-emptively diagnose and repair service issues.

Safe time configure network devices remotely


We have developed Core ACS with security as a first priority. Using TLS 1.2 for our frontend and NBI, and the highest CPE-supported level of encryption for outbound SBI, LW ACS ensures your data stays safe and secure.

Painless Integration

Core ACS’ RESTFUL API makes any backend integration a breeze with a test suite and documentation provided with Insomnia, speeding integration with any backend system.

Easy Customisation

Core ACS is highly customizable, with our easy to use widgets and RESTFUL NBI. Our Development team can make bespoke changes to accommodate any end-user.

Easy Governance

Core ACS deploys a GUI-driven Policy Engine, allowing for easy governance of any CPE estate by removing the requirement for a developer to write scripts.

Network Agnostic

Core ACS is a network agnostic platform which can integrate seamlesly to any existing or new network.

Device Agnostic

Core ACS supports any CWMP compliant device off-the-shelf. We have tested wide variety of devices from vendors including Huawei, Mikrotik, Innbox, Netcomm and many more.



Why choose Core ACS?


Leveraging Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, Core ACS is able to scale with the best of them.

CPE Diagnostics

Preemptively diagnose and repair network faults.


Flexible billing tailored towards every kind of service provider.

Flexible Installations

On-premises, multi-tenant and cloud hosted options available let Core ACS grow with you.


End to End encryption with industry leading security.

Policy Engine

Unified automated device fleet management, telemetry, reporting and diagnostics.

Scott Raynel
Scott RaynelChief Operations Officer @ Lightwire
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"Before acquiring Connectplay, Lightwire had used Core ACS for our almost 10 years. We were always impressed with the pace at which the service continued to evolve, and there is no doubt that without Core ACS we could not have scaled as rapidly or cost effectively as we have."

Increase customer satisfaction & reduce churn

Core ACS is an off-the-shelf, turnkey solution for service providers looking to gain insights into their deployed gateways and routers, driving a proactive approach to customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

Provided as a hosted SaaS offering, our plug and play solution is priced based on connected devices, rather than devices you can potentially connect.

Choose a better way to get your clients connected