Voice Ordering Tool

Voice ordering tool

If you’re an MSP providing your clients with voice services, you want your wholesale provider to make it easy to order those services, and easy to bill for them. We’ve already solved the billing part through our rebilling tool and integration with Datagate, and now we have made the ordering part super easy as well. […]

illume homescreen

illume homescreen

When you log into illume you’ll be greeted by the home screen. Here’s what your illume home screen might look like. From this view you can lodge a support request, see the latest notifications, edit notification settings, and navigate to the information that’s relevant for your job. You can navigate to the information that you […]

Changes to illume login

illume login changes

We’re updating the Lightwire login flow to improve security and improve your experience while using the suite of Lightwire tools that can be found inside the partner portal, illume. What’s changing? Logging into illume is now handled through the id.lightwire.co domain. Here’s what the login screen will look like in the new login flow (nothing ground […]

Invoice Summary Export Feature

invoice summary export feature within illume

If you need to import your Lightwire invoices into a 3rd party billing or accounting platform, then this invoice summary export feature will make your life easier. The quick 1-minute video below will show you how you can export invoices from illume. https://vimeo.com/724355974 Our aim is take away as much admin overhead as possible from […]

Pulse Dashboard

Pulse dashboard blog

We send an alert to you for any service that is down for more than 5 minutes. The questions is, after receiving one of these alerts, where do you go to see the status of all of your services and to start the trouble shooting process? Inside illume there is a singe pane of glass […]

SMS Alerts in illume

SMS alerts in illume

You aren’t always checking your emails and some alerts are too important to miss. That’s why we’ve set up a way for you to manage alert settings on a per-service basis. This means that you can now choose to receive SMS alerts for important events on business-critical services. Check out the video below to learn […]

Teams Calling and 3CX – per channel billing

how per channel voice pricing saves you money

When it comes to pricing for voice services there are two key models: Per user pricing Per channel pricing Lightwire runs with per channel, and this blog is going to tell you why that results in a lower cost and more scalable solution for businesses. Let’s start with definitions… The per user model assigns a […]

ID Verification process change

ID verification process change

We are always looking for ways to safeguard our customers and their data. Threats continue to evolve, so we can’t be static with our defense. That is why we have recently completed a review of our ID verification process and will be introducing new steps to that process. What does this mean? When you or […]

Internet Services Uptime Report

internet services uptime report

Historical reporting of uptime per service over 7 days, 30 days or 12 months. Allows you to view all services in a single and assess performance against SLA and track trends. Services ranked by lowest uptime with options to select 30 Days, 7 Days, 24 hours and past 12 months. Please note the 12-month view […]

Internet Services Metrics Report

internet services metrics report

Low performance services can be quickly identified with our latest customer facing value add feature that will allow customers to access jitter and latency reporting across all of their internet services in one report. Proactively stay on top of performance and investigate any issues experienced on dependant services and applications in an easy to view […]