All the changes coming in 3CX Version 20

3CX Version 20

The 3CX Version 20 update is now available and we’ll be in touch with you soon to manage your system upgrade. 

Your business is our priority so we’re taking a cautious approach to nail down anything that may impact your experience.  We’ve also tested the update on our test systems to ensure our reporting and internal monitoring systems interact with the new 3CX upgrade. 

Let us do all the work

To minimise the impact on your business, please don’t upgrade your systems yourself, we’ll handle the upgrade of your 3CX management console on your behalf.   

You can expect a brief outage of around 15 minutes due to the large number of updates to the underlying operating system, so it’s best we take care of it to ensure a smooth process for you and your customers.

When will your upgrade happen?

The last thing you want is an outage during your business day, so we’ll work with you to choose the best day and time that suits you.  Our team will be in touch with a scheduled update window, with at least a week’s notice.   

We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way and will be marked as a ‘Planned Event’ in illume. 

The deadline to upgrade all 3CX systems is the end of 2024 but we’re doing one better than that – our aim is to have all our customers migrated to 3CX Version 20 by the end of September. 

more information

You can read more about the 3CX upgrade and what to expect here

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