Wholesale internet Solutions for MSPs

Your clients’ internet connection is mission critical to their business operations and the services you provide them. Provide them with reliable white labelled wholesale internet services from Lightwire.

Wholesale Internet Options

Australian Internet

Wholesale Australian Internet Solutions like AAPT Fast Fibre, NBN EE, Telstra EA and Dark Fibre.

New Zealand Internet

Wholesale New Zealand Internet Solutions like Ultrafast Broadband, Hyperfibre, Dark Fibre, and Fixed Wireless.

IP Transit

For entities with their own AS number and knowledge of BGP, this option gives control of routing.

What makes Lightwire's Wholesale Internet different?

Congestion Free

Capacity planning and management means your speeds will always be top shelf.


One point of contact for all your clients’ internet and voice needs in Australia and New Zealand

24/7, <2 min Support

No anonymous call centre hell. Skilled people from your first interaction.

Proactive Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring of all services with proactive ticket creation when issues are detected

No Congestion = High Speeds

Your clients need speed and reliability. That’s why we run our wholesale internet network free of congestion.

The most utilised handovers average less than 50% of their capacity – meaning your clients will receive fast reliable internet with minimal latency.

Hover over the services in the legend to see individual handover utilisation.

Wholesale Internet Services with fast support

24/7 support and sub 2min call wait times

We know your customers can’t afford to be down, but if that does happen, they will look to you to get the issue sorted ASAP. That’s why we make sure we are always here for you. We won’t keep you waiting, and if you feel like you aren’t getting the answers you need, you have the mobile numbers of your Account Manager, Service Delivery Manager, the Head of Network and the Chief Revenue Officer to use as escalation points.

Chances are that we will let you know about an issue via email or SMS before you know the issue exists, as all services are monitored 24/7 and have automatic fault alerts and tickets generated after 5 minutes of continuous downtime.

Australian Provider looking to sell NZ internet services?

Read the guide to get up to speed on everything from high-level market intel to service specific details and all the gotchas in between. No forms, no emails, no cold calls – 100% free.

b2b internet in NZ guide

Partner portal - Insights

Always know what’s happening to your clients’ internet, voice, and WAN services. The partner portal, illume helps 100s of MSP and Telco partners to;

  • Monitor different end user groupings with ease
  • View real time and historical circuit utilisation
  • View service performance metrics such as latency & jitter
  • Receive automated SMS and email alerts
  • Shareable NOC dashboard view
  • Detailed reports section for capacity planning and management presentations



Australian Wholesale Internet options

Australian internet


national broadband network nbn logo
national broadband network nbn logo
Telstra Logo
AAPT Fast Fibre
Dark Fibre

Connection Type:

Telstra EA
AAPT Fast Fibre
Dark Fibre


Point to point fibre service ideal for business critical applications

Low cost option for small teams where no complexity exists

Ethernet access service with committed speeds and superior SLAs 

Cost-effective symmetrical fibre connection that’s multi-VLAN capable

Customised service that scales to whatever you need

Max speed profile:






Class of Service (CoS):

Low CoS & High CoS options

Best effort speeds

Various CoS options up to 100% committed

100% Committed Information Rate

100% Committed Information Rate

Service Level Agreements (SLAs):


Weak support SLA




NBN Enterprise Ethernet

NBN Enterprise Ethernet (EE) is a point to point direct fibre service, run from your customers’ premises back to our network. The Business NBN service scales to 1Gbps and has a superior SLA, so is ideal for customers running business critical, bandwidth hungry, applications.

national broadband network nbn logo
national broadband network nbn logo

NBN SME/Residential (TC4)

NBN TC4 is the residential/SME grade best effort product offered over the NBN network. Offered over a range of last mile access types, router requirements and speed options often vary from one location to another. 

A low cost option where no complexity exists, a team is small, or no better option exist.

Telstra EA

Very similar to NBN EE in that it is offered with various CoS (contention) levels, including a 100% committed variant. Available in many places as it is offered over Australia’s longest running broadband network.

Telstra Logo
AAPT Fibre for channel partners

AAPT Fibre 1000/400/250

AAPT fast fibre offers cost-effective symmetrical 250Mbps, 400Mbps and 1000Mbps fibre-optic connectivity across thousands of AAPT connected buildings throughout Australia over the AAPT national business backbone.

Lightwire provides this service as a multi-VLAN capable variant, making it a versatile and cost effective enterprise grade solution.

Dark Fibre

Scales to whatever you need, limited only by the switching and optics used at either end. Available over a range of carrier networks in both countries, this is an increasingly cost effective way to scale past 1Gbps, or even 10Gbps.

136A1672 20

Mobile data (AU & NZ)

The perfect fail-over solution, or a temporary option to get you online in a hurry, we have New Zealand and Australia covered.

Empowering you to add value to your customers

As an MSP you work hard to grow your reputation, a reputation that is directly linked to the services you provide. Do you have a telco partner that is focused on complementing, rather than competing, with your product/services portfolio?

New Zealand Wholesale internet options

UltraFast Broadband

The UFB network providers in NZ offer a range of service classes, two of which are well suited to Corporate and Enterprise entities, these are known as Bitstream 3 (BS3) and Bitstream (BS4). Offering variable CoS level, superior SLAs, multi-VLAN capability, and other benefits offered over those provided by the Bitstream (BS2) variant.

internet services
Hyperfibre for Business

Ultrafast Broadband - UFB

The foundation of New Zealand fibre connectivity, a national network offering great speeds, service variants and price points. There are a number of service profiles and carrier coverage areas to run through, so let’s take you through it on a dedicated page.


Hyperfibre is the next generation of fibre services built on the development of NZ’s UFB network. It supports best effort symmetric speeds up to 8Gbps.

NZ Only. A low-cost pathway for businesses to go beyond 1Gbps without any network complexity.

Hyperfibre logo
Unlicensed Fixed Wireless Rural Broadband

Fixed Wireless

Unlicensed services are lower cost than the licensed alternative, but those savings come at the expense of speed. Having said that, unlicensed speeds average 50/20Mbps and come with unlimited data as standard.

Available throughout the Waikato and Bay of Plenty in NZ’s North island.

Dark Fibre

Scales to whatever you need, limited only by the switching and optics used at either end. Available over a range of carrier networks in both countries, this is an increasingly cost effective way to scale past 1Gbps, or even 10Gbps.

136A1672 20

Mobile data (AU & NZ)

The perfect fail-over solution, or a temporary option to get you online in a hurry, we have New Zealand and Australia covered.

Keep competitors at bay

By adding one of our voice solutions, you can create a comprehensive offering that ensures you have a moat that keeps competitors at bay.

wholesale internet Services Partner Program

The Lightwire Wholesale Partner program enables you to fill the gaps your service portfolio and allows you to sell internet, voice, and WAN services under your own brand.  

You set the prices and have full control over customer interactions.  

We provide you with the services, 24/7 support escalation access, as well as the people, tools, and help you need to be successful.  

Wholesale Internet Partner Program from Lightwire

Why become a wholesale internet partner?

Icons 06
Control what and how you sell

We don’t lock you into exclusivity. You set the prices, and deal with the clients.

Icons 07
Make clients stickier

Greater share of your clients’ wallet boost profitability and limits churn.

Wholesale internet services in both Australia and New Zealand. Trans-Tasman Connectivity with one point of contact

With teams on both sides of the Tasman, we can help you secure Trans-Tasman deals.

Icons 04
Expert Training

We will get you up to speed on the details so you can start selling internet with confidence.

Icons 02
pre & Post sales assistance

Lightwire sales engineers partner with you to be an extension of your team.

Icons 03
Dedicated Account Manager

One point of contact, no call centre hell, just one person that knows your business.

Want to offer telco services but don’t have the capacity to offer these services?

Talk to us about the channel partner model. Under this model, you can choose to stay in charge of client engagement, and Lightwire takes care of as much or as little as you like while you earn rebates on every service sold to the client.

Kick off your Wholesale journey

Fill out the form below to take the first step to become a Lightwire Wholesale Partner and your new Lightwire Account Manager will reach out to you within 1 business day.

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