Telstra Ethernet Access

The service that existed before nbn™, and is available across large swathes of Australia. Telstra Ethernet Access (Telstra EA) is a symmetrical Enterprise grade fibre service that we access via Telstra’s wholesale division.


Built for your enterprise customers

Is performance your customers primary driver? Do your clients derive value on the basis of what connectivity allows their team to achieve through the speed and uptime delivered? If so, Telstra EA is going to be a good fit.

Telstra EA offers committed speeds and is a scalable product, providing speeds up to 2Gbps.

With a service level agreement providing clear performance metrics and superior support and restoration targets, this service is designed to provide greater levels of uptime and overall performance for business critical applications.

Why choose Telstra EA?

Committed Speed

Offering secure, high-performance and low latency.


Speeds up to 2Gbps.

Full Control

Ethernet service lets you take control of your network.



Service insights and alerting

Illume, our customer portal, pairs nicely with Telstra EA to provide granular real time and historical insights into service performance and utilisation, allowing for easy capacity management and forecasting.

  • Monitor different end user groupings with ease.
  • Provide real-time service status
  • View circuit utilisation in real time and historically
  • View service performance metrics such as latency & jitter.
  • Receive automated SMS and email alerts
  • Share NOC dashboard view with other staff and clients

Telstra EA Support

All Lightwire internet and WAN services are monitored 24/7, with automatic outage alerts sent and tickets created regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. But in order to really deliver value from our fantastic support model, we rely on services like Telstra EA that allow us to lodge upstream support tickets 24/7.

If business continuity is critical to your business, let’s talk about Telstra’s Ethernet Access services.

Telstra EA Support

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Request Coverage Check

Request one of our friendly team members to check if your client is within coverage for Telstra EA. 

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