3CX - 14 Day Free Trial

3CX – 14 Day Free Trial

3CX, our most powerful and cost-effective business phone system is free for you to test. Watch the video below to learn more about the free 14 day 3CX trial.

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3CX, Our most powerful phone system

Fang and I are here to talk about a key part of the 3CX pre-sales process, which is to set a prospective client up with a free trial of the platform.

The aim is to give users the chance to assess voice quality and the user experience. As well as the provisioning process as and some of the basic functionality.

We have a test 3CX pro license that is permanently hosted in AWS, and we configure extensions on that for users that have a play with, and those extensions can be configured to work with desk phones, but are usually configured to work with the smartphone app, PC client or web app or some mixture of all of the above.

We can’t fully configure the test instance for a proof of concept with IVRs, call flows, call queues etc. because it’s a shared platform. But if there is a particular feature that you need to be sure matches your requirements, so let’s say, skill-based routing as an example we can more than likely spin that up for you for a week or so.

The typical trial, it lasts 14 days and no cost applies. So that’s it, get in touch if we can help, happy to look after you and get a free trial set up.

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