Is the Lightwire Partner Program Right For You?

Is Lightwire Right For You?

The Lightwire partner programs (channel or wholesale) are centred around the key concept that we’re here to help you succeed, to provide the building blocks on which you can add value. But, Lightwire partner programs aren’t suitable for everyone, and channel partners have a very different set of obligations to wholesalers. Watch the video to find out if Lightwire is the right partner for your business.

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Not just any telco

As a premium player in the telco market we package all of our services, VDSL through to Hyperfibre, as a managed solution. We offer a free presales and implementation consultancy service as opposed to a transactional low-cost telco approach.

The effort we have put into our customer platform, illume, means that every Lightwire service is a managed service. Through illume, clients can monitor their service utilisation/jitter/latency in real-time and will receive outage notifications in the event of a fault.

The Pulse dashboard is available as a sharable link. See what’s happening to your clients’ connections on real-time on your very own NOC screen.

Voice customers get to see all relevant information in real-time like their call volume by type, variable call charges, and channel utilisation.

Illume allows you to take a deep dive into voice services. Ask us for a demo to see it yourself

Sales sssistance for partners

We don’t sell our services just to sell services, we look at what you are trying to achieve for your clients and focus our efforts on the right solution. Whether that’s diversity, complex routing scenarios, or trans-Tasman considerations, together with your team we’ll design a solution that will achieve the desired end result for your customer.

Wholesale clients get a project manager for every deployment, whether that’s one circuit or twenty. That way there’s a real sense that Lightwire is part of that sales operation.

When it comes to channel partners, we’re lending them a free external consultant to step their clients through the sign up process. We help our partners to figure out the needs of the end user and make sure that technical and commercial requirements are aligned so that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Enabling others to succeed

There’s no way that we aspire to be like Vodafone or Spark. We don’t focus on driving people through a self-service platform. We don’t focus on driving lower costs of acquisition. We focus on enabling others to succeed and that doesn’t mean the lowest possible price point at any cost. It means a good price point with all the required value being added.

If you have a customer base that’s very price driven, we probably won’t be the best fit for you.

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