3CX Version 18: Update 6 Incoming


Shortly 3CX will be releasing a new update, bringing in a number of new features, and a few changes to simplify some of the more common tasks like updating user details, and tweaking call routing. We’re pretty excited about some of the changes and the improvements that they’ll make for our clients. GROUPS 3CX has […]

How 3CX Drives Client Profitability

how 3cx drives client profitability

3CX is a UCaaS platform that drives profitability, and it does that for both you as an MSP and your clients. If the features on offer are well understood and utilised by your clients, the impact on productivity can be profound. This section will help salespeople working inside MSPs by running through how a good […]

3CX Reporting Functionality

3cx reporting functionality

When it comes to making sense of 3CX reports, there are two distinct types of reports, your standard call reporting and on-demand reports that can be retrieved or configured to send via email on schedule you set.  3CX Reports available Click on any of the items below to take you to the revelent report User […]

What are voice channels?

What are voice channels and how to scope them

We will try and keep this section as “un-salesy” and to the point as possible, but it is essential that you understand the difference between per-user and per-channel purchasing models for the SIP component of voice services like 3CX, Teams Calling, and Zoom Phone. Let’s start with the two industry-standard pricing models for pricing voice […]

Demystifying 3CX Licensing

demystifying 3cx licenses

3CX Standard License, 3CX Pro License, 3CX Enterprise License, and now 3CX StartUP License – that’s a lot of licenses, but how do the license features differ?  This blog answers just that… Want to get an overview of all the 3CX features and what they mean? check out this 3CX features blog post. 3CX Standard […]

3CX Showstoppers

3CX showstoppers - limitations of 3CX that MSPs need to know

3CX is a brilliant unified comms solution packed with tonnes of features, but it’s not suitable for every business. Here is some detail on what isn’t going to work. If you’re running a call centre or a service desk, much of what you need will be covered by 3CX, but here is what you won’t […]

3CX Features and what they mean

3CX features and what they mean

In order to be able to advise your clients on whether 3CX is right for their business, you are going to need to know what it can do. List of 3CX Features Here is a comprehensive list of 3CX features. Click on any of the features below to find out what they mean in real […]

3CX Hosting Requirements

3CX Hosting Requirements

There are many ways to approach hosting for 3CX. You can run 3CX on a server in your client’s office, you can run it from a private cloud, a public cloud, and 3CX now offers a “Self Host” option in most countries as well. In this blog post, we’ll look at the various ways you […]

What is 3CX? Breakdown for MSPs

What is 3cx - breakdown for MSPs

3CX is a unified communications platform, one that can be hosted on-prem or in the cloud, whether that be private or public. 3CX first emerged in 2005 as an on-prem PBX and has continually evolved to become the flexible Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform we know today. The flexibility offered by 3CX can […]

The 3CX Playbook

The 3CX playbook - Lightwire Business

The Playbook your team needs to scope, design, sell, provision, and support self hosted 3CX.