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3cx reporting functionality

3CX Reporting Functionality

When it comes to making sense of 3CX reports, there are two distinct types of reports, your standard call reporting and on-demand reports that can

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What are voice channels and how to scope them

What are voice channels?

We will try and keep this section as “un-salesy” and to the point as possible, but it is essential that you understand the difference between

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demystifying 3cx licenses

Demystifying 3CX Licensing

3CX Standard License, 3CX Pro License, 3CX Enterprise License, and now 3CX StartUP License – that’s a lot of licenses, but how do the license

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3CX showstoppers - limitations of 3CX that MSPs need to know

3CX Showstoppers

3CX is a brilliant unified comms solution packed with tonnes of features, but it’s not suitable for every business. Here is some detail on what

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the technical in-depth guide

The Hosted 3CX Playbook

3CX Playbook - The technical indepth guide to help you scope, provision, design, sell, provision, and support 3CX – without the marketing and sales fluff everyone hates.

The Playbook your team needs to scope, design, sell, provision, and support hosted 3CX.