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49. CFOs that enable growth

49. CFOs that enable growth

In this episode of the Insights as a Service podcast, Brendan is joined by David and Dinesh from the CFO Centre to uncover the secret to driving business profitability through the role of a CFO.

They’ll share their experiences in finance and commercial functions and cover a range of topics including the difference between CFOs and accountants, when it’s the right time to engage a CFO, and strategies for driving enterprise value for MSPs.


  • 0:00 Intro David King and Dinesh Thuraisingham
  • 2:00 Difference between charter accountants and CFOs
  • 6:00 At what size of business do you need a CFO?
  • 9:20 What problems does the CFO role tackle?
  • 13:50 How CFOs drive enterprise value
  • 19:40 Blockers that prevent CFOs from being successful
  • 28:30 What it costs to hire a CFO
  • 34:00 How the CFO Centre is educating the market
  • 36:20 How CFOs enable growth for tech companies

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