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master illume

Drive end user experiences and efficiencies with real time connectivity insights by becoming an illumenated master. Darryl Turner, built most of the platform and will help you make the most out of the latest illume features, dashboards, and the wholesale re-billing engine in this 30-40 minute webinar.

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Darryl pioneered a lot of the functionality that you can find in illume today. As Head of DevOps, he oversees the continuous improvement of the platform. He’s the person, we go to if we have questions about illume, and think you should too. That’s why we’ve convinced him to do this webinar.

Join this webinar if want to equip yourself with robust insights that help you to make informed decisions about connectivity solutions for your business or clients. Darryl will cover off;

  • New features available to you
  • Illume dashboards
  • Wholesale billing
  • Open Q&A session 

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