Wholesale voice rebilling tool

Wholesale Rebilling for Voice Services

See and set your own voice rates based on call types and/or destination prefixes inside our customer portal, illume.

New Feature: Wholesale Rebilling for Voice Services

We’re excited to announce a new feature for voice billing into our customer portal, Illume for our Wholesale partners and we’re confident that this new feature will make voice billing easier and more profitable for you going forward.

I think we can all agree that trying to work out the variable voice charges to bill your voice customers at the end of the month has always been a bit of a pain. To the point where we’ve heard, that some of you just pass on the wholesale cost because your admin overhead had traditionally outweighed the benefit of rebilling these.

Setting Rates & Tariffs Made Easy

Our new feature allows you to set per minute rate charges of your own choosing on destination prefix and call type and get a easy summary of what to billing your customer at the end of the month.

To make it easy, we’ve also added a default rates in here so you can easily come in here from day one, select all the default rates that we currently have and get going.

We also wanted you see the margins that you make on voice services more clearly. So we’ve also included a bunch of graphs and tables that clearly show you by client and aggregated, what you voice service makes you every month.

Call Records & Call Summary

Call records will show you all the calls made. The buy price, the sale price and the margin on the tariff that applied to that call. You can also search in here for numbers prefix and descriptions to see where your customers are calling and the margins that were applied to that call.

The View Call Summary shows you a breakdown of an individual account. You’ll see your profit and revenue by call type and call charges and profit by type as well. This has been extended to get an easy view of all the call records and get the same view across all your voice accounts to give you some insights into voice usage in general.

Below all this, you’ll be able to see a summarised total of all your voice accounts before getting an individual summary breakdown on a per account basis for each account, summarising what to bill each customer on the one page. 

In Summary

This is a great feature driven by partner feedback, it’s only version one and as always, we will continue to develop this based on your feedback and usage to make your lives easier.

If you’ve got any ideas, or would like to see something else in here in the future, please let us know at sales@lightwirebusiness.com

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