Guide for Australian telcos & MSPs

B2B Internet services in NZ

Do you have clients with branch offices in NZ? Are you looking to target trans-Tasman deals? This guide will give you all the detail you need to make procurement easy across the ditch.

No forms, no spam, no cold calls – the guide is 100% free.

Sell more internet services to your clients

By reading this guide, you will be up to speed on everything from high-level market intel to service-specific details and all of the gotchas in between.

We’ve split this guide into three parts:

  • Market knowledge
    • General market background, the key names to know, and NZ telco industry history. You will learn about UFB and the acronyms that matter.
  • The products to sell
    • Speeds, access types, carriers, SLAs and all the other things you need to know to ensure that your clients are getting the right service type(s).
  • The technical details
    • How to connect to the carriers, what NTUs you’ll need to connect to, and how services are handed off.
B2B Internet Services in NZ Playbook for Australian MSPs and Telecom
NZ Internet Market Entry Made Simple

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Who are we?

Lightwire is a wholesale-focused telco that started in New Zealand in 2006 and expanded into Australia in 2017 to provide wholesale access to NZ services for Australian telcos.

We can bill in AUD or NZD and have pre-sales, technical teams and offices on both sides of the Tasman.

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