driving profitability with unified comms

Unified Communications Platforms drive profitability

Unified Communications (UCaaS) platforms drive profitability.

Well, good ones do…

It all comes down to the features on offer and how well they are understood and utilised by you and your team. In this article I am going to run through how a good Unified Communications solution, e.g. 3CX or Teams Calling with Direct Routing, can drive profitability for your business.


When we talk about collaboration, we are referring to how team members work together on a shared project or goal. In a world where we increasingly work apart from our colleagues, it is more important than ever that businesses invest in the tools that will enable these remote interactions to be as fruitful as possible.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaborative tool that allows for the co-creation and simultaneous editing of content, automated saving of everyone’s changes, and for those files to be saved in specific channels for easy access.

Real time communication is another key feature with instant messaging and video calls at the heart of this, but the whiteboard app adds an additional dimension as well.

Work from anywhere

3CX and Teams have desktop and mobile apps, so regardless of how often your role has you away from your desk, or whether you are working from home or HQ, calls and messages will still reach you.

Don’t divert to mobile

Many businesses we talk to tell us that they divert incoming calls to the mobile phones of team members that work outside of the office. This is a crazy waste of money. Every time you divert a call to a mobile carriers network, you are paying for an outbound call (unless you are on a Lightwire unlimited calling plan, but that’s another story).

If you have a voice solution that has a mobile phone app, your team will always have their “desk phone” with them. Wherever they are, as long as they have 4G or WiFi coverage, they will be able to make/receive calls from their office phone number via the app. Even better, any calls made/received will be accounted for within your office calling plan which means you will improve your bottom line.

Client meetings

Video calls add so much more to your customer experience. People buy from people, and if they can see a smiling face that is happy to help, you are guaranteed to deliver a better customer, or potential customer, outcome. Not to mention, you can add multiple people to these meetings from anywhere in the world, share screens to present relevant data, record the meetings for future reference, and share files in real time.


When it comes to understanding workload and customer demand within your own business, the reporting and related insights provided by 3CX will ensure you can make data driven decisions around scheduling, rosters, performance appraisals, and more.

Team leaders in service desk and call centre environments can listen into calls and provide guidance to new agents, and call recording allows for quality assurance checks.

To wrap up…

Time is finite, making sure that your team has the tools required to make the most of each day will be a key factor in driving the profitability of your business.

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