Introducing Self-Service DDI Management: Enhancement to self-service voice in our Partner Portal Illume

Self-Service DDI Management

In the rapidly evolving world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), having control and flexibility over voice services is crucial.

At Lightwire, we understand this need. That’s why, after revolutionising the billing process with our wholesale rebilling tool and providing Datagate integration, we’re excited to announce our latest feature: Self-Service DDI Management. This new addition empowers you to effortlessly add new phone numbers to existing services.

Features built based on your feedback

Our partners have expressed a desire for more control over the voice ordering process. In response, we’ve crafted a feature that meets this demand and enhances the overall experience.

The Self-Service DDI Management allows you to:

Here's how it works

Log into illume: The first step is to log into illume, your partner portal.

Get to the feature: On the left-hand side navigation, you will see a new option under voice tools – select Add New Numbers.


Select the Service: Easily choose from the list of existing services and click ADD

There’s also a handy search box in the top right.


Choose Your Desired Region: You can now select a country and region for your DDI from the drop down. This flexibility ensures that your communication services are tailored to your specific geographical needs.

Self Service DDI Region1

Availability and Requests: In scenarios where a DDI isn’t available for your chosen region, a convenient option to request a new DDI will be provided, ensuring that your needs are not just met but anticipated.

List and Select Numbers: Browse and select from a list of numbers in your chosen region. This feature is designed for simplicity, currently focusing on single country or region selections.


Confirm Your Choice: Once you’ve selected your desired number, a simple confirmation step ensures that the number is allocated to your service.

Self Service DDI Summary

Streamlining Your Experience

Similar to our previous enhancements, like the self-service voice ordering tool, this new feature is designed to simplify your workflow.

Illume’s Self-Service DDI Management is more than just a feature; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that are both user-friendly and highly efficient.

This new feature is set to transform how you manage your voice services, making it faster, more accurate, and tailored to your specific needs.

For a detailed guide or any assistance, reach out to your channel account manager, and let’s elevate your communication services together.

Russell Mirams
Russell MiramsSenior Account Manager @ OneNet
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We went with Lightwire because they allow us to stay in control of the Microsoft tenancy. Their configuration guide made it super easy to set up the Teams environment to work with their SIP Trunks.

The call quality is clear and crisp, and the Lightwire team has been incredibly helpful, so we’re a very happy partner!

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