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Mobile Minute Alerting

The latest feature to be added to illume for voice customers on bundled plans with 3CX, Teams Calling via Direct Routing, and SIP Trunking is Mobile Minute Alerting.

Mobile Minute Alerting will notify the billing contact when their voice service is approaching exhaustion of the mobile minutes included in their plan or existing additional mobile minute packs.  

This feature gives you the ability to reduce your calling costs by bulk buying mobile minutes at a lower per-minute cost than paying per minute.

So you have plenty of time in advance you will get alerts at 80, 90 and 100 percent of included minute usage and present the recipient with the option of:

  • adding a mobile 500 additional minute pack for $50,
  • adding a mobile 1000 additional minute pack for $80,
  • upgrading to our unlimited plan and,
  • viewing service usage

If the mobile minute pack is added before 100% of the minutes are used, we’ll add it to the current month’s service.  

However, if a mobile minutes pack added after 100% usage/exhaustion of the minutes, that pack comes into effect from the next billing cycle, starting on the 1st of the following month.

In this case, for the current month, you’ll continue to pay the standard calling mobile calling rate.

If you power through mobile minutes or want to simplify your billing, then the option to upgrade to our unlimited NZ and AU outbound mobile and National calling might be for you. You can find pricing in the resources section of illume, our customer portal.

We know some of you may not be interested in this feature or only go over by a small amount each month, so we’ve included an opt-out function as well where you can suppress further mobile minute alerts.

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