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Circuit Utilisation Report

How do you know when you should increase or upgrade the bandwidth of your connection?

To answer that and give you some guidance on best practices, consider implementing a simple capacity planning upgrade process that uses utilisation statistics. This will allow you to apply some rules of thumb, such as upgrading links when they reach a predefined threshold base on your businesses traffic patterns or once they hit around 50 per cent utilisation.

By doing so, you ensure that your links are sufficiently overprovisioned and ensuring that any peak load congestion will not adversely impact your users or services.

We’ve always shown these metrics on a per services basis. But to assist with a thousand-foot view, the Reports section of illume, down on the left-hand side, will give you access to the new Circuit Utilisation Report that lists all your eligible Lightwire internet services in one convenient page.  

For technical users such as network engineers or business analysts, the ability to have reporting on circuit utilisation trends will be beneficial for identifying current and future performance issues such as high utilisation trends over time or bottlenecks from max utilisation.

For our partners and non-technical sales and account management types, this view can be used to easily identifying upsell and upgrade opportunities, along with helping customer visualise their consumption. 

Circuit utilisation report

Once you’re in, you’ll immediately see a list of all your services like this.

Circuit utilisation report graph

The reporting page has a set of filters to show utilisation by the most amount of time spent above 80% over the following periods, which can be easily filtered on the right-hand side.

  • Last 30 days = this is the default
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 24 hours
Circuit utilisation reporting based on timeframe

You can further filter to show upload or download only and whether you want to filter based on service speed in Mbps or as a percentage of the maximum service speed of your plan.

To make life easy and know which service the account is on. We’ve included on the right-hand side:

  • a brief description of the service type. E.g. BS2 or BS3, Dark Fibre etc
  • the speed of the plan.
Circuit utilisation reporting filter on circuit

Finding the right service can be easily done by scrolling through the list or typing the name in the search box.

Circuit utilisation reporting filter

If you don’t see the site you’re after, that’s because we can only show site that has a fixed traffic profile, e.g., 100/100, so services like VDSL, 4G, NBN etc won’t show up in this report.

Watch the video below for a quick walk-through of the Circuit Utilisation Report feature. 

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