internet services metrics report

Internet Services Metrics Report

Low performance services can be quickly identified with our latest customer facing value add feature that will allow customers to access jitter and latency reporting across all of their internet services in one report. Proactively stay on top of performance and investigate any issues experienced on dependant services and applications in an easy to view corresponding graph, for each service, on a single webpage.

Services are ranked by lowest uptime with options to select 30 Days, 7 Days, 24 hours and past 12 months. Please note the 12-month view will only show data from July 2021 onwards, and the graphs include downtime from scheduled maintenance.

For the time being, this report won’t show NBN, voice, and wireless services in the list.  

Who's it for?

This tool is great for wholesale looking to incorporate metrics into reports and technical staff working to correlate issues with data-driven insights.

What's Jitter?

Often caused by network congestion, Jitter is when there is a time delay in the sending of data packets over your connection. It’s particularly important for time-sensitive applications and VoIP, and the lower the jitter the better the performance.

What’s Latency?

It’s the time that passes between an action and a resulting response. E.g. the time between a user between when a user clicks a link to a webpage and when the browser begins displaying the website content. The higher/longer the latency, the more time you spend waiting or lagging behind, so lower latency is key for business connections.

Internet service metric report

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