Brown-out period 2022-2023

LFC Brownout 2022-23

Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) will be implementing a level of change restriction on some parts of their networks environment over the 2022-23 Christmas holiday period. They do this to minimise the risk of customer impacting events occurring at a time of reduced staffing levels across their organisation and suppliers.   We don’t have all information […]

Hyperfibre Guide

Hyperfibre Guide

Chorus were the first to announce and release it in 2020, Tuatahi First Fibre (TFF) followed a bit later, Enable launched it in 2021, and NorthPower has given it a hard pass. It’s Hyperfibre If you are in New Zealand, and in one of the original chorus UFB 1 zones, you now have even faster […]

Hyperfibre Tail Extensions

blog cover hyperfibre tail extensions 01

Earlier this month, Chorus NZ Limited announced it was expanding their Bitstream Tail Extension Service (TES) to include Hyperfibre from May 7. Our clients and partners will benefit from the increased serviceability footprint of Hyperfibre access. This means we can offer the 2Gbps and 4Gbps variants in more places. Lightwire Business will benefit from the lower infrastructure and backhaul […]

Making NBN Installs Easy

making nbn installs easy

Organising where the fibre will be installed can be a time-consuming job. Almost everyone in IT has a story about a ridiculous place in an office to which they have seen fibre installed or some horrific rollout story as part of a project.   When you order NBN TC4 connections from Lightwire, you’re going to see reduced costs and complexity and a quicker time to […]

Lightwire is bringing the speed

UFB increases speeds

Chorus, the fibre company that provides Ultra Fast Fibre (UFB) across Auckland, Wellington, most of the South Island and many other towns, has made some big changes to its UFB speeds, and a few of the other Local Fibre Companies (LFC) have followed suit, so we are using it as an opportunity to help you […]

The results are in

blog cover - 2021 TELCO LEVY-01

It’s the time of year we all look forward to, that’s right, the annual release of the draft Telecommunications Development Levy liability allocation determination is upon us for 2020/2021! This annual release tells the NZ public how much each telco is going to contribute towards the Government’s ongoing efforts to ensure high speed broadband is […]

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

NBN - Enterprise Ethernet

NBN Enterprise Ethernet is a fair dinkum alternative your traditional NBN TC4 or TC2 connection that give you the reliability, bandwidth and CIR to meet your businesses needs.   To understand the forms and capabilities of these services let’s break down the product.  NBN for Enterprise NBN Enterprise Ethernet (NBN EE) is a direct fibre service that runs from your premises to the NBN […]

Alert level impacts on NZ fibre installs

alert level impact on nz fibre installs

It’s no surprise that the change in alert levels has disrupted many fibre installations across NZ. Here is the latest update on activity from all the major local fibre companies across NZ (LFC’s) and links to their sites for up-to-date announcements. For Lightwire Business, we continue to monitor the situation and keep our customers up […]

Internet Services Uptime Report

internet services uptime report

Historical reporting of uptime per service over 7 days, 30 days or 12 months. Allows you to view all services in a single and assess performance against SLA and track trends. Services ranked by lowest uptime with options to select 30 Days, 7 Days, 24 hours and past 12 months. Please note the 12-month view […]

Internet Services Metrics Report

internet services metrics report

Low performance services can be quickly identified with our latest customer facing value add feature that will allow customers to access jitter and latency reporting across all of their internet services in one report. Proactively stay on top of performance and investigate any issues experienced on dependant services and applications in an easy to view […]