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blog cover - 2021 TELCO LEVY-01

It’s the time of year we all look forward to, that’s right, the annual release of the draft Telecommunications Development Levy liability allocation determination is upon us for 2020/2021! This annual release tells the NZ public how much each telco is going to contribute towards the Government’s ongoing efforts to ensure high speed broadband is […] – a new domain for Lightwire

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4.5 years ago, we created a business focused unit within Lightwire, one that was to be focused on servicing business clients across Australia and New Zealand. This meant that Lightwire then had two distinct business units, Lightwire Rural (operating in NZ only) and Lightwire Business (operating in AU and NZ). Rural needed a NZ identity, […]

Lightwire purchases Connectplay

Lightwire purchases connectplay

We have some great news to share. London Green Group, Lightwire’s parent company, has purchased Connectplay, a business and residential hardware and software provider to the New Zealand and Australian telco markets. Connectplay’s services will be combined into Lightwire’s business offering going forward. Read on to find out why we made this move and what Lightwire’s […]

ID Verification process change

ID verification process change

We are always looking for ways to safeguard our customers and their data. Threats continue to evolve, so we can’t be static with our defense. That is why we have recently completed a review of our ID verification process and will be introducing new steps to that process. What does this mean? When you or […]

Circuit Utilisation Report

Circuit utilisation report blog cover

How do you know when you should increase or upgrade the bandwidth of your connection? To answer that and give you some guidance on best practices, consider implementing a simple capacity planning upgrade process that uses utilisation statistics. This will allow you to apply some rules of thumb, such as upgrading links when they reach […]

Lightwire’s Business NPS for 2021

LWB 2021 Survey

We sent out two key surveys in the first half of this year, the first was to gain feedback on our performance in the rural sector, and you can read all about that here.  The second, and most recent, was sent to our business clients. We now have the results, and in this blog, we are going to […]

Telcos vs MSPs – The line is blurring

Telcos vs MSPs – the line is blurring

Kordia’s recent acquisition of Base2, a managed IT, network, and security solutions company based in Auckland has shone a spotlight on how difficult it is becoming for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to find a partner that doesn’t directly compete with them. Kordia’s CEO Shaun Rendell was quoted as saying, “Clients today are looking for single-source solutions […]

What happens when things go wrong


Let’s talk about what happens when things go wrong. Regardless of which internet service provider (ISP) you are with, at some point in time you will experience an outage. This could be due to a fibre cut, a failure on the part of the ISP (there are a million things that can go wrong), a […]

Giving back to the planet

Lightwire planting trees

Sustainability, what does it mean for Lightwire? Like everyone else we want to make the world a better place… phrases like these, however, do not magically make a positive impact on our planet and society. Improving the planet requires hard work, dedication, and most of all, consistency. So, back to the main question, what are […]

Lightwire raises its first home buyer grant

first home buyer grant

Since the program’s inceptions, Lightwire (and parent company London Green Group) has assisted 15 of our team (and their families) to purchase their first home. To date, the one-off contribution offered by Lightwire in each case has been $5,000, but the world doesn’t stand still, and property prices aren’t getting any lower. To reflect this, […]