Lightwire Business - Newsletter may 2023

Newsletter May 2023

May is as good as gone and we’re half way through the year, so it’s time for another monthly newsletter, which as always, is focused on helping our partners make the most of their partnership with Lightwire.

Here’s what stood out to me in this month’s newsletter: 

  • Two upsell opportunities for eager partners.
  • The conversation with Peter Kujawa made me think differently about salaries in the MSP space.
  • Our marketing team created a great resource for our partners that makes sense of everything in Illume, I recommend you check it out.

As always, thanks for your continued support, and if you’ve got any questions or issues, please reach out!

Brendan Ritchie
Chief Revenue Officer

Illume: Helping partners make data driven decisions

Illume is the partner portal that MSPs use to deliver user experiences that delight, drive efficiency for clients, and boost their own profitability.

Every Lightwire partner has access to illume and we’ve put all resources (videos, how-to’s, and blogs) that help you make the most out of the portal in one page. 

how to navigate illume
How to navigate illume

When you log into illume you’ll be greeted by the home screen. Read this blog post to find your way around the portal and start getting more out of your illume services.

Check out how to navigate illume »

Wholesale Voice Ordering tool

Managed hosted 3CX services, SIP trunks for Teams Calling, and SIP trunks for 3rd party PBXs can be ordered directly from illume.

Here’s how you can order voice services with illume »

wholesale ordering voice tool

Partner Opportunity: The Upsell

Don't let your clients drop calls

Is your client dropping calls due to 100% voice channel utilisation? Lost revenue for you and the client is at stake.

Check out our voice channel utilisation report in illume’s “Voice Accounts” section to understand how many simultaneous calls they’re making and what their limit is. 

Data backed reasons to upgrade

Are your clients’ maxing out their circuits? If so, latency will spike and packet loss will kick in. It might be time to upgrade your clients’ bandwidth.

Check out the Internet Circuit Utilisation report inside illume’s report section to see if you should upgrade (or downgrade) the bandwidth or your clients’ connection. 

Partner Insights:Insights as a Service

The podcast “Insights as a Service” exists to help MSPs get ahead by getting leaders in the IT space to provide thought leadership and detail what MSPs can be doing to get ahead. 

Insights as a Service is available on all major podcasting platforms: ​​​​​

Check out the latest episodes below if you haven’t done so already.    

🎙️ Episode 53: What are profitable MSPs paying - with Peter Kujawa

You’ll be hard pressed to find a metric that has a greater impact on MSP profitability than employee compensation.

Peter Kujawa from Service Leadership is armed with the biggest, longest running, and most accurate benchmark for the MSP space – the Service Leadership Annual Compensation Report. 

Understand how peers compensate employees, what the top performers pay, the impact of automation on M&A and valuation multiples, and where emerging technologies like AI fit in. 

Learn how you can be in the top 1% of MSPs and check out episode 53 of Insights as a Service.​​​​​

🎙️ Episode 54: The Power of Peer Groups - with Wayne Small

Wayne Small, CEO of SMBiT Professionals, Australia’s leading community of IT business owners in the SMB space is sharing best practices and insights from the community. 

Discover what Australian MSPs are doing to better serve their customers, enhance customer loyalty, and staying ahead of the curve.

Brendan and Wayne also talk about how to integrate AI into your service offering, collaborating with fellow MSPs to deliver a win-win-win scenario for all parties involved, and the secret sauce for unwavering loyalty. 

If you’re targeting small or medium sized businesses in Australia or New Zealand, you don’t want to miss out on this valuable episode!

Remember set up your NZ clients' phone diversion for king's day.

Monday the 5th of June is the King’s birthday (NZ only), meaning many businesses will be closing their doors. Make sure that your clients’ phone systems diversions are in place. If Lightwire hosts your clients’ PBX(s) we can do this free of charge. Open a ticket via illume or send an email to with the following detail:

  • Account name and number 
  • Date and time you would like calls diverted
  • Date and time you would like calls returned to normal
  • Diversion destination (voicemail, mobile, etc)

If you require a special recorded message to be played, please include the audio file with your email as these cannot be recorded by Lightwire staff.

Please send through your request as soon as possible to ensure that your clients’ diversions are in place for the public holiday. 

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This is an opportunity for MSP partners to provide extra value to their clients by setting up phone system diversions

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