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Hyperfibre Provisioning

Hyperfibre Provisioning for new build

Detail required to lodge order

Similar to the new fibre build for UFB services, the following key pieces of information are needed:

  1. Desired installation date (if applicable). As a rule of thumb, we place orders with the carriers and set the installation date to be as soon as possible, however, if you need installation on a specific date, please let us know this ahead of time.
  2. Site Contact Information (name, email address and phone number) of a person or people who are normally present on site. This person/people will be the point of contact for the fibre carrier’s field technicians and will be responsible for pointing out where the ONT should be installed. It’s worth noting that we are not able to use the contact details of someone based in Australia.
  3. Any health and safety or site induction information that may need to be completed prior to, or on the day of the technician’s arrival.


Hyperfibre orders are processed much the same as a regular UFB order, however, due to the infancy of the product overall, fibre carriers typically need to upgrade network elements (e.g. equipment in roadside cabinets) along the way before they can deliver the service.

Hyperfibre orders that do not have the required infrastructure already in place will enter into a build phase similar to that of a complex build outlined in the UFB section. As a result lead times are best effort and can often take at least a month or two before the service is complete.

For a Hyperfibre order that already has the infrastructure in place, a typical install would take approximately 2-3 weeks.

Site Contact Experience

The actual installation of a Hyperfibre ONT is essentially the same as a regular UFB ONT, so the site contact can expect to receive a call or text message from the field technician, usually a day or two prior to an upcoming visit. It’s extremely important that the site contact is not only aware of the work that is being done, but is also capable of instructing the field technician on where to install the equipment.

The site contact will also be responsible for providing access to any communication cabinets, server rooms, or MDFs (Main Distribution Frame) within the building.

When updates are received

Given the similarities between the Hyperfibre and UFB install experiences, 3 major points of communication are relayed through:

  1. Order Acceptance – This is to acknowledge that the provisioning team has received your order and it is now underway
  2. RFS Confirmation – This is the important one, it contains all the relevant information you need to know to get your upcoming connection live, it will include information such as, the RFS (Ready for Service) date, the IP address(es) and authentication information (if required)
  3. Order Completion – This is to signify that the order is now complete with the Carrier and your service is now ready to use.

However, like the other UFB orders, we will always relay any important information provided to us by the Carrier.

UFB and Hyperfibre Install timeline SLA

Install timelines are not covered by any service level agreement by the carriers, so when a new build blows out due to consent issues or civil works delays, it can be very frustrating.

In those situations, we can raise through escalation channels, but unless there has been an issue with the process followed, those escalations will almost certainly be rejected.

Thankfully, with a near complete network build, new builds are more and more rare, meaning install delays are far from common.

Did you know?

Lightwire offers managed provisioning and complementary coordination services on all complex orders. Get in touch here.

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