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55. Picking a Niche

55. Picking a Niche

Nigel Moore runs ​The Tech Tribe an organisation with over 4,000 MSPs as members, so he knows a thing or two about how to successfully sell into a specific niche segment or vertical.

This is a subject we have spoken about before on the podcast, and it has resulted in a lot of feedback from listeners, where they have questioned how easy it is to do in the real world. In this episode, Brendan shares this feedback with Nigel and gets him to counter the objections one by one.

You can expect practical tips on how to pivot without impacting revenue, how to market to specific segments, how this approach impacts hiring, and much more.

Brendan and Nigel deliver a must-listen episode for MSPs wanting to gain a competitive edge!

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  • 0:00 Introducing Nigel Moore from Tech Tribe
  • 2:40 When should you pick a niche as an MSP?
  • 5:00 Risk management when niching down
  • 6:45 Why MSP marketing needs a niche to be successful
  • 11:40 How to niche down when you don’t have the skills or tech
  • 15:10 Why the best customers pay more for experts
  • 17:00 This will make you stand out to your target customers
  • 19:15 How MSPs can do marketing with limited time & resources
  • 25:00 How can anyone become comfortable on camera
  • 31:30 Picking which niche you should double down on
  • 33:50 Tips for mitigating risks from vendors and suppliers
  • 38:15 Selecting the right vendors for your MSP

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