Lightwire Business Newsletter January 2024

Newsletter January 2024

Happy New Year, I hope you’ve had a great break over the holiday period!

As we step into this fresh and promising year, the team is brimming with enthusiasm and a renewed commitment. This year, more than ever, we’re focusing on our partners. Our partners are the cornerstone of our success, and we’re dedicated to forging stronger, more dynamic collaborations that will unlock new possibilities and achievements. 

Here’s to a year of growth, innovation, and shared success! And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an idea or need assistance. 

Nick and the Lightwire Team

Nick Phillips
Without you, we don't have a business.

As a partner focused Telco, we can only be successful when you’re successful. Let us know what you need from us so that we can work together to be even more successful. 

Flick an email to

New Illume Feature

Self-Service DDI Management

Being partner led, the team is always keen on hearing what our partners think. One partner suggested the idea of ordering DDIs directly through illume, it sparked a conversation that led to something exciting. We discovered that managing DDIs was a bit like a tricky puzzle, often more complicated than necessary.

So, the dev team got to work and created the “Self-Service DDI Management” feature that allows our partners the control and flexibility they need to:

P.s. Lightwire Business exists for you, our partners. We’re all about making your lives easier, if you can think of any enhancements within illume, we’d love to hear them. 

Need help making the most out of illume?

Your Channel Account Manager is more than happy to show you around illume, so you can use the portal to provide your clients with valuable insights and make data-driven driven decisions. 

Elliot Newton - Channel Account Manager
The changes you should know about

3CX Version 20

3CX version 20 is just around the corner, so the Lightwire Voice Team delved deep into the upcoming changes to ensure you and your clients get the most out of this version.

There are a lot of things you’re going to love about the new update, but there’s one big change around physical phones that partners need to know about.  

Read the voice team’s findings to ensure you’re fully prepared for this new version.

New Voice Platform

Partner SIP Trunk Testing

Over the past year, the voice team has been busy crafting a state-of-the-art voice platform, designed to transform our partners’ voice experience. This new innovative platform, now thoroughly tested and approved internally, is already proving to be a game-changer for partners testing the new voice platform.

One partner working with a local school faced audio loss in calls due to recent firewall and network updates, where their Avaya system couldn’t resolve STUN anymore. The conventional solution would involve a complex workaround or hardcoding a fix onto their Avaya system. Instead, the partner switched to the new platform, and like flicking a switch, audio issues disappeared instantly.

How did it resolve the issue instantly? The new Session Border Controllers (SBCs) excel in resolving NAT traversal challenges. They intelligently recognise unusable private addresses in SDP/Contact, relying instead on the IPv4 address from packet transmissions. It’s not just technology; it’s practical magic at work.

The new voice platform is already proven to be a game-changer for partners, and we’d love for you to experience it too. Reach out to or raise a ticket via Illume, and the voice team will work with you to set up a free test SIP trunk to ensure full compatibility with your (clients’) systems.

Juan van Rooyen
Voice Architect

IT Pro Making Phone Call
Updated for 2024 is our blog on Microsoft Licensing for Teams Phones

It’s a complete list to help you make sense of the licensing required to deploy Teams Phone and another practical resource (like our ‘How to scope, design, provision, and support Teams Calling with Confidence‘ playbook) designed to make Teams Phone easy to deploy and sell; and make your customers stickier.

Give the team a shout if you need a hand or a demo.​​​​​

Getting the team together

Lightwire Week

Lightwire Week 2023

Remote working can be great, but at Lightwire, we also recognise the unmatched value of in-person connections. That’s why we’re so passionate about Lightwire Week. It’s our special time, a few times a year, when we bring our team from all corners of Australia and New Zealand to Hamilton.

It’s an opportunity to spend an entire week together, not just working side by side, but diving into the heart of what makes Lightwire tick. Lightwire Week is a chance for each team member to contribute, collaborate, and solve real challenges. More importantly, it’s about understanding our collective goals, supporting each other to achieve success, and building those essential relationships within our teams. 

Add value to your clients with

Public Holiday Diversions

What happens to your clients’ phone systems when they close their doors during public holidays?

When Lightwire hosts your clients’ phone system, we can set up a diversion, free of charge, ensuring that your clients’ customer phone calls go to the right place. 

To enable you to proactively reach out and add value to your clients by setting up phone system diversions, we’ve created a list of all public holidays and info on how to get it set up.

it pro beach 2x3 edited

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This is an opportunity for MSP partners to provide extra value to their clients by setting up phone system diversions

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