nbn™ Premium Assurance

Offering nbn™ services to your clients?

Need to be able to provide transparent support options to them?

Do you want to be able to construct your own support packages to suit each client’s requirements?

Well good, because Lightwire has added optional Premium Assurance Services for nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet (NBN EE) and the residential nbn™ Traffic Class 4 (nbn™ TC4) services, so you can now provide the highest possible support levels to your clients.

This blog introduces you to our new nbn™ Premium Assurance Service Add-ons, designed exclusively for our partners offering nbn™ TC4 and nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet services.

Ensuring Unmatched Reliability: TC4 Services

Our Premium Assurance Service Add-ons for TC4 services are tailored to meet the unique demands of your clients, with three enhanced levels of premium assurance available:

Premium Assurance Service
Levelnbn™ Defaultnbn™ Premium -12 (24/7)nbn™ Premium – 8 (24/7)nbn™ Premium – 4 (24/7)
Carrier support window8 am – 5 pm, business days24/724/724/7
Target resolution time5 pm next business day*12 hours8 hours4 hours
Service availability guaranteeNoneNone99.00%99.95%

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Delivering Uninterrupted Connectivity: nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet Services

For clients using nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet services, our Premium Assurance Service Add-ons offer the same three levels of premium assurance, but the nbn™ Premium 12 level is provided by default on all EE plans.

Premium Assurance Service
Levelnbn™ Premium – 12 (24/7)nbn™ Premium – 8 (24/7)nbn™ Premium – 4 (24/7)
Carrier support window
Target resolution time
12 hours
8 hours
4 hours
Service availability guarantee

Service Availability Guarantee (SAG) for Unmatched Peace of Mind

To underscore our commitment to service reliability and drive home the value of these plans, we provide a Service Availability Guarantee (SAG) with our Premium Assurance Service Add-ons. We offer two levels of SAG – Silver 99% and Gold 99.95% – to suit your clients’ specific needs.

Silver 99% SAG:

  • Target Service Availability: 99% uptime
  • Rebates provided for downtime exceeding 438 minutes per month
  • Scheduled outages between 12:00 am and 6:00 am are excluded

Gold 99.95% SAG:

  • Target Service Availability: 99.95% uptime
  • Rebates provided for downtime exceeding 21.36 minutes per month
  • Scheduled outages between 12:00 am and 6:00 am are excluded
Terms and Conditions:

We want to ensure complete transparency and fairness in our SAG rebate process. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The SAG rebate applies only to the affected service, not all services on the customer’s account.
  • The rebate time counter starts when the customer logs a fault with our help desk.
  • Customers must request a rebate within 3 months of the relevant issue to receive the payment.
  • The SAG does not cover events beyond our reasonable control, including acts of third parties, customers, or force majeure events.
Partner with Us for Enhanced NBN Services

If you would like to access pricing and/or the complete set of details relating to these Premium Assurance Levels, either reach out to your account manager or log into illume to access the rate cards in the resources section.

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