Hyperfibre Tail Extensions

Earlier this month, Chorus NZ Limited announced it was expanding their Bitstream Tail Extension Service (TES) to include Hyperfibre from May 7.

Our clients and partners will benefit from the increased serviceability footprint of Hyperfibre access. This means we can offer the 2Gbps and 4Gbps variants in more places.

Lightwire Business will benefit from the lower infrastructure and backhaul cost, and Chorus should see an increased uptake in the product, a bit of a win for everyone in my eyes.

What is the Tail Extension Service (TES)? 

It’s “just like a ride-share network” for telcos, where Chorus aggregate all the UFB (and now Hyperfibre) services from multiple coverage areas and hand them over to us at a single location. Chorus explains what the Tail Extension Service is and what it means in the video below.

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Without TES, to provide nationwide coverage, telcos, like Lightwire, need to connect with Chorus at their 27 points of interconnection and have a substantial amount of backhaul capacity. 

Hauling a tone of 4Gbps services across your own network comes with some high costs.  

Behind the scenes, factors like the backhaul capacity requirements getting the traffic from A to Z, the cost of running resilient national networks, 100G switching, and ensuring you have ample capacity for maximum peak time performance add up quickly.  

Add them together, and those costs generally exceed the price of high capacity, low-cost services like Hyperfibre. TES lowers the cost of providing services like Hyperfibre and allows you more access to better services.  

Want to know more about Hyperfibre or hear some real-world use cases? 

Check out https://lightwirebusiness.com/hyperfibre/ or get in touch with us at sales@lightwirebusiness.com. 

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