Vital Fibre Wellington

Wellington Diversity with Vital Fibre

Got clients in Wellington and need a diverse fibre service to use in conjunction with a Chorus service? Lightwire has you covered.

We have expanded our carrier network by partnering up with Vital in Wellington, New Zealand. With our Vital handover in place, we’re now able to offer you and your clients access to Vital Fibre.

Vital Fibre services largely mirror Chorus’ Bitstream 2 (BS2) products with Vital offering an Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) and Hyperfibre equivalent under their “Vital Access” product range. However, these Vital services have improvements around symmetrical speeds and top end speeds with their Hyperfibre equivalent topping out at 10Gbps.

Here are the Chorus internet products and their Vital equivalents:

Chorus Product NameVital Product Name
Chorus Bitstream 2 Small Business Fibre 500/500Vital Access 2 – 500/500
Chorus Bitstream 2 Small Business Fibre Max/500Vital Access 2 – 1000/1000
Chorus Bitstream 3 Max/MaxVital Access 3 – 1000/1000
Chorus Hyperfibre Business 8000Vital Access 3 – 10000/10000

The best part? The pricing for these new Vital Fibre services aligns with what we already offer over Chorus’ network. We know how important it is to keep things simple, and with this move your sales and product teams can easily incorporate these new services into your MSP and/or telco offering.

So how can you make use of Vital Fibre services?

The Vital Fibre network represents a genuinely diverse alternative to services offered over Chorus’ network. This allows you to architect a solution that guarantees more resiliency and, as a result, more uptime.

Adding diversity and resilience to your clients’ connectivity is “vital” (excuse the pun) for businesses that have business critical apps in play, whether on-site or hosted in the cloud, they can’t afford to be offline, and a secondary internet connection delivered over the Vital network helps keep your clients connected.

Check your clients' coverage

The Vital Fibre network offered through Lightwire is mainly available in the Wellington region. Want to know if your client is in coverage? Reach out to your account manager and they’ll check your clients’ coverage. 

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