3CX Version 18: Update 6 Incoming


Shortly 3CX will be releasing a new update, bringing in a number of new features, and a few changes to simplify some of the more common tasks like updating user details, and tweaking call routing. We’re pretty excited about some of the changes and the improvements that they’ll make for our clients. GROUPS 3CX has […]

Teams Calling Configuration & Setup

Teams calling configuration and setup

The blog post gives you an overview of the steps required to successfully configure a Teams instance for use with Lightwire’s SIP services. Teams configuration happens in three parts, core tenancy setup of the phone system, the per-user configuration and then the setup for Auto Attendants and Calling Queues. Here we provide all the detail […]

How to sell Teams Calling

How to sell Teams Calling, a guide for MSPs

Teams Phone has its strengths and weaknesses. Whether it is the right fit for your clients is going to come down to cost, functionality, reliability and how it aligns with your other service offerings as a wholesaler. As an MSP, the best way to approach voice, and we’re paraphrasing the famous Marie Kondo here –  […]

How 3CX Drives Client Profitability

how 3cx drives client profitability

3CX is a UCaaS platform that drives profitability, and it does that for both you as an MSP and your clients. If the features on offer are well understood and utilised by your clients, the impact on productivity can be profound. This section will help salespeople working inside MSPs by running through how a good […]

How Teams Calling drives MSP profitability

how teams calling drives MSP profitability

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast, and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems. It’s also about making smart choices. Our thinking is that our partners know the Microsoft suite better than we ever will, so we’re treating Microsoft Teams like any other third-party PBX. We provide the Session Border Controllers that integrate […]

Voice Ordering Tool

Voice ordering tool

If you’re an MSP providing your clients with voice services, you want your wholesale provider to make it easy to order those services, and easy to bill for them. We’ve already solved the billing part through our rebilling tool and integration with Datagate, and now we have made the ordering part super easy as well. […]

Changes to illume login

illume login changes

We’re updating the Lightwire login flow to improve security and improve your experience while using the suite of Lightwire tools that can be found inside the partner portal, illume. What’s changing? Logging into illume is now handled through the id.lightwire.co domain. Here’s what the login screen will look like in the new login flow (nothing ground […]

3CX Reporting Functionality

3cx reporting functionality

When it comes to making sense of 3CX reports, there are two distinct types of reports, your standard call reporting and on-demand reports that can be retrieved or configured to send via email on schedule you set.  3CX Reports available Click on any of the items below to take you to the revelent report User […]

What are voice channels?

What are voice channels and how to scope them

We will try and keep this section as “un-salesy” and to the point as possible, but it is essential that you understand the difference between per-user and per-channel purchasing models for the SIP component of voice services like 3CX, Teams Calling, and Zoom Phone. Let’s start with the two industry-standard pricing models for pricing voice […]

Should you pick Teams Calling for clients?

Should you pick teams calling for your MSP clients?

If your client has simple requirements, you’re off to a good start. And by simple, we mean simple call flows and a basic IVR or auto-attendant (which are the same thing). Check out the diagram in the resource section that explains in more depth. If you’re looking at a unified solution for your client, Teams […]