The 3CX Playbook

The 3CX playbook - Lightwire Business

The Playbook your team needs to scope, design, sell, provision, and support self hosted 3CX.

Which voice solution is right for you?

Pick the right voice solution

Picking the right voice solution Teams Calling, 3CX Unified Communications, or SIP Trunking are all great products, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing which one is the best fit is going to come down to cost, functionality, reliability and ultimately how it aligns with your end-users workflow. To help you pick the […]

Invoice Summary Export Feature

invoice summary export feature within illume

If you need to import your Lightwire invoices into a 3rd party billing or accounting platform, then this invoice summary export feature will make your life easier. The quick 1-minute video below will show you how you can export invoices from illume. Our aim is take away as much admin overhead as possible from […]

Pulse Dashboard

Pulse dashboard blog

We send an alert to you for any service that is down for more than 5 minutes. The questions is, after receiving one of these alerts, where do you go to see the status of all of your services and to start the trouble shooting process? Inside illume there is a singe pane of glass […]

Control caller ID with Teams Calling

Control caller ID with Teams Phone

Caller ID is important for your business. Teams Calling (also known as Teams Phone) can be a little limited in how it handles caller ID. If a user has a direct dial number (DDI) assigned to them, all their outbound calls will automatically show that number. But if a user doesn’t have a DDI because […]

Teams Calling eBook

Teams Phone eBook

You’ll probably be familiar with modern workplace apps like Teams, so we will take it as a given that you know the basics, so we will skip the high-level detail. So instead, we will spend a large portion of this eBook diving into the technical detail so you can feel comfortable provisioning and managing a […]

Master illume Series (Q3 – FY2022)

master illume series

Drive end user experiences and efficiencies with real time connectivity insights by becoming an illumenated master. Darryl Turner, built most of the platform and will help you make the most out of the latest illume features, dashboards, and the wholesale re-billing engine in this 45 minute recorded webinar. Recorded webinar timestamps 2:18 Tickets – How to […]

COVID update across the carriers

covid update across carriers

Omicron has had a small impact on fibre carrier workforces across NZ. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the upstream carriers may, for that reason, need to reschedule a small number of site visits such as scoping and installations. Chorus is continuing to make a pre-screening call beforehand to ensure everyone is feeling […]

Hyperfibre Guide

Hyperfibre Guide

Chorus were the first to announce and release it in 2020, Tuatahi First Fibre (TFF) followed a bit later, Enable launched it in 2021, and NorthPower has given it a hard pass. It’s Hyperfibre If you are in New Zealand, and in one of the original chorus UFB 1 zones, you now have even faster […]

Hyperfibre Tail Extensions

blog cover hyperfibre tail extensions 01

Earlier this month, Chorus NZ Limited announced it was expanding their Bitstream Tail Extension Service (TES) to include Hyperfibre from May 7. Our clients and partners will benefit from the increased serviceability footprint of Hyperfibre access. This means we can offer the 2Gbps and 4Gbps variants in more places. Lightwire Business will benefit from the lower infrastructure and backhaul […]