Telcos vs MSPs – the line is blurring

Telcos vs MSPs – The line is blurring

Kordia’s recent acquisition of Base2, a managed IT, network, and security solutions company based in Auckland has shone a spotlight on how difficult it is becoming for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to find a partner that doesn’t directly compete with them.

Kordia’s CEO Shaun Rendell was quoted as saying, “Clients today are looking for single-source solutions spanning connectivity, cloud infrastructure, applications, and networks”, and he is right. 

But MSPs aren’t looking to compete with their telco partners.

It is getting hard to find a telco that isn’t actively pitching managed services. Across the market, we are seeing that virtually every telco is encroaching into the channel’s key business areas.

Teams Calling with Direct Routing is provided on the basis that admin rights are required by the telco, Office365 licenses are being sold by ISP’s targeting SMEs and cloud solutions are considered fair game. The odd thing is that this is being done by the same companies that want to work with the channel as wholesalers or in partnership.

Lightwire differs in that we see our position as one which lays the foundation for our partners to succeed. We are a channel-focused organisation that looks to provide value through fast and accurate responses, complimentary features and functionality, exceptional service performance and by being trusted to always work in our partners best interests.

If retail is your game, the single source solution approach makes sense. If you are channel-focused, it makes none. Lightwire shows its stripes by focusing on complementary, not competing, services.

Lightwire offers two partner models that help MSPs get ahead. Learn more about these partner models by clicking on the link below.

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