making nbn installs easy

Making NBN Installs Easy

Organising where the fibre will be installed can be a time-consuming job. Almost everyone in IT has a story about a ridiculous place in an office to which they have seen fibre installed or some horrific rollout story as part of a project.  

When you order NBN TC4 connections from Lightwire, you’re going to see reduced costs and complexity and a quicker time to go live. Ideal if you’re managing a larger rollout.  

Most  ISP installs for NBN  get terminated at the MDF (Main Distribution Frame), often found outside the building, in the basement or in other hard to reach places. From there, it’s up to the end customer or IT provider to organise the cabling into your office or comms rack.   

Meaning, you have to get another provider in to complete that set of works; this increases costs, time to get live and complexity for your install.  

Lightwire NBN connections ensure that installs run cabling to the most productive spot in the building, to the nearest comms rack or demarcation point, streamlining the entire process. Regardless of service type (e.g. FttP, FttC, HFC, ect).  

Managed NBN Install

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