Telco Levy

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Big news for Lightwire this month with the company featuring in the list of qualifying entities under the 2019/2020 NZ Telco Levy. What is the Telco Levy? The NZ government uses the annual levy to pay for telecommunications infrastructure including the relay service for the deaf and hearing-impaired, broadband for rural areas, and improvements to […]

The Pay Per User Model for Voice Solutions

Brendan Calling

Surely, this can’t be the best option? You only get value out of Teams Calling or any voice solution if all staff members can make and receive calls, internally and externally. However, there is one key factor limiting the adoption of mobile friendly and intuitive voice solutions like Teams Calling – namely the pay per […]

Sky to become NZ’s next ISP

Sky to become NZ’s next ISP

Sky NZ has been looking for a way out of its earnings and valuation spiral for some time. In a period of rapidly changing consumer behaviour, both in terms of purchasing and viewing patterns, Sky has been forced to innovate. Recent efforts to adapt to the changing landscape have seen the purchase of the entertainment […]

Vocus buys Stuff Fibre – a good move?

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In a move that sees Vocus grow its fixed line subs by 10% to 220,000, it is buying Stuff Fibre. Vocus is a company that grew rapidly between 2010 and 2016 through M&A activity, picking up Maxnet, FX, Nextgen, Amcom and M2 among others. This led to a confused mess of companies, each effectively acting […]

COVID-19 impact on the Telco Sector


How will COVID-19 impact the telco sector?  Every business is feeling some level of strain under the impact of COVID-19, and telcos aren’t any different.  So how are telcos being affected? And what will determine how each one fares through this period?  Customer base  Businesses will continue to need internet and voice services while functioning, but many sectors […]

Lightwire to join new Christchurch Exchange

Lightwire first to join new Christchurch Exchange

Our friends at New Zealand Internet Exchange Inc (NZIX), a not-for-profit society providing carrier-neutral peering points across New Zealand, and have created a new exchange in Christchurch (CHC-IX). Lightwire is among the initial group of 6 Internet service providers and 2 content providers that are joining the exchange. Who is at the CHC-IX now or […]

Let’s talk about offshoring


A couple of things have piqued my interest in offshoring this week, the first being that Fonterra is going to ditch Datacom in favour of either Tata or HCL, both massive multi-nationals. The other, related to an experience when dealing with Vodafone’s new offshore-based wholesale provisioning team which did not go well. Off the bat, […]

Local Fibre Companies follow path set by Chorus

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Just before Christmas the Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) contracted to the Crown to roll out UFB to 30% of NZ, including major centres such as Christchurch and Hamilton, released their joint discussion paper detailing their approach to unbundled fibre design. First things first, I am going to stop referring to unbundled fibre and just start […]

Chorus news and implications for unbundled fibre

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Last week Chorus announced changes to the pricing of two of its most popular service variants. The table below details the price points and timelines announced by Chorus for the Max/500Mbps service:   2018 Mid-2019 Mid-2020 Residential $65 $60 $56 Business $75 $70 $66 Why reduce prices on this high-speed service? The anchor 100/20 BS2 […]

Chorus unbundled fibre design

Chorus launches UFB tail extensions

Unbundled fibre is coming, by 2020 it will be available for use by retail service providers. What that means for end users is uncertain, in fact what it means for telcos is uncertain, but key details are starting to emerge. Chorus recently released their product roadmap and technical document for this product, and while all […]