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63. MSP Marketing Masterclass

63. MSP Marketing Masterclass

Join Brendan Ritchie and Paul Green from MSP Marketing as they delve into the nuances of modern marketing.

Together they discuss the undeniable power of niche content, the transformative impact of understanding client trends and frustrations, and the significance of podcasts in today’s digital landscape.

They also highlight the importance of commitment and consistency and explore the art of generating standout content.

This episode is packed with insights and strategies. Tune in for a masterclass in marketing strategy, personal branding, and much more! business.


  • 00:00 – Importance of Marketing in the MSP Sector
  • 07:03 – Overwhelming for Techs
  • 14:09 – Building Trust and Engagement with MSPs
  • 21:20 – Tracking and Eliminating Red Tasks in MSPs
  • 28:31 – Product Managers and Marketing Responsibility
  • 35:45 – Putting Yourself Out There
  • 42:40 – The Commitment and Consistency of Podcasting
  • 49:35 – Three-step marketing strategy
  • 56:25 – The Challenges of Business Ownership

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