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30. Networking tips for introverts with Harriet Mellor

30. Networking tips for introverts with Harriet Mellor

So much of the value on offer at networking events and conferences comes down to the connections you can make, but it can be hard to come out of your shell and feel confident approaching strangers.

What should you lead with? How to get out of the chat if it’s not going well? And what events are even worthwhile?

Harriet Mellor from Your Sales Co. joins Nick and Brendan to talk networking strategies, what defines success when you have your own podcast, and where regulation isn’t keeping pace with tech.

Do you want to open yourself up to the world of possibility, the world of Sales? Check out Harriet’s podcast “Sell like you” here:…


  • 0:00 What’s in this episode
  • 0:50 How to make the most of in person networking events
  • 9:24 Nick’s networking icebreakers and exit strategies
  • 12:00 Success measures for networking
  • 16:10 Structure your before and after networking
  • 17:00 How to define success for podcast
  • 21:00 Optimal podcast cadence
  • 24:00 Outcomes of hosting a podcast
  • 26:00 Should work from home be a legal right?
  • 30:55 Facial recognition technology

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