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31. Zero Trust Defined with Masaki Takeda

31. Zero Trust Defined with Masaki Takeda

Zero Trust is a term increasingly used in cyber security circles, but it means different things to different people, and it feels like each brand has a different take on it. So how to make sense of what Zero Trust really means? Masaki Takeda, Network Delivery Manager at The Instillery, joins Brendan to get to the bottom of it.


  • 0:20 A typical day for a Network Delivery Manager
  • 3:00 VMWare SD-WAN
  • 5:30 What’s Zero Trust Security
  • 7:05 How a Zero Trust approach makes security easier
  • 13:00 How the security market is evolving
  • 15:00 The before and after Zero Trust
  • 18:20 The end-user experience
  • 20:30 Real time awareness of security platforms
  • 24:30 Finding the balance between control and freedom
  • 25:20 Scenarios where Zero Trust can’t be enabled
  • 27:35 How Machine to Machine connectivity changes

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