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New feature - Circuit utilisation graph inside Illume

Login into Illume to see peak circuit utilisation history for your UFB, EoC, Vodafone, Chorus HSNS, Chorus xDSL and pretty much all types of services except for wireless and NBN.


Planted since April 2017

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Coverage check tool launched

“Not to brag, but this is the most comprehensive public facing tool for checking UFB availability in the market and sets Lightwire apart from the competition.”

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Providing fibre, wireless and copper access across New Zealand and Australia


Connect multiple offices using our resilient high speed MPLS design


Reduce cost and increase functionality with IP telephony (SIP)


Ensure your routers, switches and firewalls are securely managed

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UFB Fibre SFP Blog

Which UFB fibre connection is right for me and my customers?

Understanding the variants of UFB and service restoration targets.  Let’s face it, everyone wants the fastest fibre for the lowest price and expect it to never have any issues. But that’s not the world we live in.  If you’re looking at UFB as a primary connectivity option you should know…

Let’s talk about offshoring

A couple of things have piqued my interest in offshoring this week, the first being that Fonterra is going to ditch Datacom in favour of either Tata or HCL, both…

Planting project update

Each month I post social media content about how many trees/plants Lightwire has planted, but this month I wanted to actually show some clear examples of our work. There isn't…