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Business Grade Internet Services

Lightwire Business provides internet services connecting with every major provider of fibre and copper last mile access in Australia and New Zealand. This allows us to connect your office(s) to our network and provide low cost internet service options with unlimited data.

We also have our own extensive wireless network in the North Island of New Zealand, so even remote locations may well be within our reach.

What is Business Grade Internet?

Business grade internet services offer you the advantages of ultra-fast internet on consumer plans, but with greater priority and levels of service. This ensures you get all the speed, consistency and reliability that sets business internet apart from consumer internet.

Getting you online and keeping you online is our first priority.


Network faults, no one likes them but they do happen sometimes. With business grade internet you’ll enjoy faster restoration of service times, which means you’ll be back up and running in no-time. It’s basically like jumping the queue.


Starting with the provisioning process you get a dedicated internet engineer overseeing the delivery of business grade internet to your work space or premises followed by a specialist 24/7 service desk support.


Business grade internet offers the fastest internet connections in Australia and New Zealand. Prepare your organisation for the technology you’re going to need tomorrow.

No Data Congestion

Consumer internet offers internet access that is shared with others on a network creating a higher risk of congestion. With Business grade internet you get a physical line dedicated to your premises ensuring consistently fast internet no matter what time of the day.

Lightwire Business 24/7 Support

Here for you 24/7

You and your customers deserve the best possible experience. Lightwire Business support teams are available 24/7, 365 days per year to help solve your connectivity issues in a timely manner.

Our clearly defined support structure gets you going, and keeps you going. 

Guaranteed Up-Time Required?

When you can’t afford being offline a mobile broadband fail-over service working in tandem with your primary connection is an affordable solution that minimises the possibility of ever going totally offline

Check Internet Availability & Pricing

Using the service qualification tool allows you to quickly determine available internet services at a given address.


The tool also checks for Hyperfibre availability and pricing.


We’re happy to help. Send us a note at or let’s chat over the phone on AU: 1300 016 678 or NZ: 0800 534 567