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A low-cost pathway for you to go beyond 1Gbps without the network complexity.

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What's Hyperfibre?

“Hyperfibre” is the next generation of fibre services built on the development of the UFB network. The technical name for Hyperfibre is “XGS-PON” and it can reach symmetrical speeds of up to 8Gbps, however the Hyperfibre services launched to date support best effort symmetric speeds up to 8Gbps, with 2Gbps and 4Gbps option launched to-date.

Everything you want to know about Hyperfibre

Lightwire was the first ISP to launch a Hyperfibre service for businesses, and in doing so we worked closely with Ultrafast Fibre. In this panel chat with John Hanna (CEO of Ultrafast Fibre) and Peter Ensor (CTO of Ultrafast Fibre), we get into the details, discussing:

  • What drove this evolution in GPON technology (more commonly known now as Hyperfibre)
  • The technical issues had to be overcome to make Hyperfibre a reality
  • What problems Hyperfibre solves and the opportunities it represents for New Zealand business
  • The equipment you will need to make the most out of Hyperfibre
  • The future of Hyperfibre

Real world use cases of Hyperfibre

Hyperfibre shows that UFB continues to evolve, it’s not about waiting until application performance is limited by bandwidth.

We discuss some of the use cases for HyperFibre, and how The Instillery are using it, in this panel chat.


Along with our expert sales and provisioning team, the Insights and analytics provided through our customer portal “illume” give you all the data, insights and alerts that you need to accurately and effectively sell internet services to your end-users.

Who's Hyperfibre for?

Hyperfibre is ideal for companies that require a huge amount of bandwidth to shift large quantities of data, fast 

Enterprises use these super-fast connections to utilise full and hybrid cloud setups more efficiently. Backup and replicate Gigabytes through to Terabytes of data to the Cloud or between offices faster than ever before.

Hyperfibre is ideal for businesses that: 

Who Hyperfibre is for

Hyperfibre not the right fit?

Check out our business grade broadband solutions with pricing starting from $119/month.

Hyperfibre ONT

Bridge mode means business

Bridge mode is how we describe an ONT’s setting where the Residential Gateway (RGW) features such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports are disabled. Bridge mode allows you to connect your router to the 1x 10GE (LAN 10G) 10GBase-T 10Gbps ethernet port on the back.

If you’re looking to purchase a business grade service, then you want to avoid RGW mode as it is akin to a residential service, limiting your ability to ensure your network is secure and designed properly.

To support our clients, all Lightwire Hyperfibre connections are deployed in Bridge (Standard) mode only.

Got questions?

We are happy to help! Whether you want to have a chat over the phone on AU: 1300 016 678  NZ: 0800 534 567 or prefer to email sales@lightwirebusiness.com. Whatever works for you. We’ll be here.

Hyperfibre + Managed Routers

If you don’t have a Hypefibre capable router, that being a router with a 10GE port and sufficient processing capability to handle the speeds, or if you want Lightwire to manage one on your behalf, our recommendation is the FortiGate 100F.

100f 2
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"I just wanted to say a huge thank to you and your staff. Every experience my team and I have had with Lightwire has been overwhelmingly positive. I had comments from a staff member again today saying how efficient and knowledgeable the Lightwire support staff are.

So thanks from all the team at Unit Networks, your team makes light work of what can sometimes be very challenging situations."

Hyperfibre Availability

8Gbps Hyperfibre services are available in Auckland and Wellington. With 2Gbps and 4Gbps available in all other enabled regions.

Please note that Hyperfibre is not available everywhere and is subject to availability.

Installation timeframes

We know you need certainty, so setting clear expectations is key. Where Hyperfibre isn’t currently installed, the standard turnaround time is 20 days, but as with any UFB install, these timelines can blow out if civil works and/or consent is required.

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