The Microsoft Licensing required for Teams Calling

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Microsoft licences for Teams Calling, it’s not a super exciting subject, but it is very important because if your business is looking at moving to Teams Calling with Direct Routing you’re going to need them.

Working out your licencing situation can be a pain, and it’s not un-confusing. To make it easier, I’ll give you a rundown on some rules you can apply.

If you have users on 365 Business plans, you’ll need the ‘Business Voice with Direct Routing’ add-on. For those with 365 Enterprise plans, you get the ‘Microsoft Phone System’ add-on and for those that have users on 365 Enterprise E-5 plans you already sorted so you don’t need to worry.

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Microsoft 365 Business Subscriptions

Users with Microsoft 365 Business subscriptions will need to get the add-on named ‘Microsoft 365 Business Voice without Calling’ plan, which retails for… I guess it’s approximately $18.14 per month, seems very specific.

This is sometimes referred to as ‘Microsoft Office 365 Business Voice with Direct Routing’.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Users licensed with 365 Enterprise E-3 or E-1 licences, they will need to add on the ‘Microsoft Phone System’ license which is $12.10 per month.

But if you have Microsoft 365 Enterprise E-5 licenced users, you will not need to add on any additional licencing as that subscription already contains the Microsoft Phone System licence.

Need Help?

We get lots of questions around licensing and have made some great resources for you. But if you need a hand was set up in licencing, we’re happy to put you in touch with one of our partners.


If you want a complete non-biased breakdown of Direct Routing, licencing and costs check out these blog posts.

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