The only 3CX preferred partner on both sides of the Tasman

The only 3CX preferred partner on both sides of the Tasman

We are always looking at ways to add additional value for our clients. In order to add extra value, it made sense to expand on our existing business voice and telecom knowledge by partnering with 3CX. That was a while ago, and Lightwire has come a long way since then.

Lightwire Business is now the only 3CX partner that holds the preferred partner and platinum 3CX partner status in both Australia and New Zealand. We have been tested and certified against each build by 3CX. No manual configuration required, just plug and play your PBX with a Lightwire Business SIP Trunk for one of the smoothest and most reliable on-premises or hosted 3CX experiences.

We employ half a dozen advanced certified voice engineers inhouse, working alongside our retail clients, channel partners and wholesalers. We understand the need for efficient provisioning and competent support. We also understand that not everyone wants to operate 3CX the same way.

We understand why you have chosen to run with 3CX

You want mobility

No one wants to be tied to the office. The 3CX mobile phone app enables your phone to function as your office phone, allowing you to make and take calls on your “office” phone wherever you are using 4G or Wi-Fi.

You want agility

Scale up or down, setting up a new staff member or changing names? It’s all a few clicks away with an easy to understand management system. Plus, you can avoid expensive hardware purchases by using the 3CX Android/iOS apps, Windows and macOS softphones, and/or web client.

You want tech that makes your life easier

Technology exists to make our lives easier and better. With 3CX you can integrate your CRM, ERP and Accounting System with your PBX and be able to launch calls with a single click. Inbound calls are automatically linked to the customer record which pops-up on the screen logs all calls in your CRM system.

Made the call to use 3CX?

 Make sure to get:

  • Value for money SIP lines, call minutes and phone numbers
  • Automated service provisioning
  • A well-resourced provider that offers a robust platform and 24/7 support

If you are a part of a larger corporation looking to expand across the Tasman, you’ll want a partner that can grow with you as you expand across the ditch. Lightwire business provides a fully supported SIP platform in a single currency across both countries if required.

We are passionate about providing quality solutions that connect organisations with the world. With a quality solution, comes quality support, and we take great pride in the end-to-end support that we deliver.

Lightwire Business voice engineers are trained, certified, and excellent problem solvers. Are you looking for a 3CX partner?

Consider Lightwire Business.

Lightwire a 3CX Platinum Partner
3CX Platinum Partner and Certifcations

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