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Leave 3CX Call Flow Designer to us – Here’s why

With Lightwire’s Hosted 3CX offering, our customers have the ability to use the Call Flow Designer add-on, which is an awesome tool that helps creates road maps to handle incoming calls via a visual drag and drop interface and builds them into apps. 

It’s quite an incredible tool, and not something that you get with the likes of Teams Calling and other PBX software. But here’s why you might want to leave it to us for the design and implementation.

When Lightwire builds a 3CX instance and uses Call Flow apps, they get documented internally (as with all other build elements) but also the project files for the call flow applications get stored in a repository which allows anyone in our voice team to quickly see how it works, and make changes to them if needed.

If there is an issue reported or change request to a call flow, we can easily look at the project source and see why it had an unintended behaviour or what impact that change will have and easily crack on with your request.

But when call flow apps are built by the client, we’re not able to see as easily what it’s designed to do and this prevents quick troubleshooting in the case of an issue.  This is because we don’t have the project files stored in our repository.

Ultimately this means we’d have to push back on these issues and can’t get this fixed for you – at least not quickly which is what’s important when it comes to voice issues.

Recently we discovered with the 3CX version 16, update 7 rollout that any call flow apps that were created by an older version of the call flow designer started to fail.  Any rules pointing a call flow to that app were changed to “end call”.  Pretty non-ideal and not a consideration/consequence that had been published by 3CX in the release notes

When this was identified, we were able to very quickly rectify the situation for clients that had had Lightwire configure their original Call Flow Designed setup. We did this by recompiling the design in the latest version of Call Flow Designer, which we could do as we had the project backups on hand. But for those that went solo initially, they were left with a temporarily broken call flow.

We offer our Hosted 3CX solution as a completely managed solution with support included at no extra cost. Naturally, we recommend working with our team of 3CX certified experts to build and manage your call flows – this will save you time and prevent you from running into future issues where apps need to be recompiled, or where updates have unintended impacts on your calling solution.

If you have any questions or want to get started with moving your projects over to us, feel free to get in touch with our voice team at support@lightwirebusiness.com.

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