How Queensland Rail upgraded IP transit capacity in 5 days

Lightwire Business delivers for Queensland Rail in record time.

On the 17th March 2020, Alison Day, GM Information and Communication Technology at Queensland Rail, was faced with a difficult assignment in response to evolving COVID-19 crisis.  

“Queensland Rail has over 7000 staff, and due to the effects of COVID-19 we were in a position where a large number of those people would be forced to work from home for the foreseeable future, with near immediate effect.” 

As a result, considerable changes to data flows were going to increase demand on key network nodes and applications. As Alison puts it;

“Working with DXC, we had determined that we would require additional capacity on some key points within the network. More than that, we realised we would need an elastic approach, an IP transit service that was able to immediately scale as demand dictated.”
Queensland Rail
Alison Day
GM Information and Communication Technology at Queensland Rail

The Response

DXC had the situation in hand and had already engaged with Megaport to ensure they had elastic connectivity to the required data centres, but hit a wall when it came to getting the incumbent IP transit provider to ramp up  capacity. Sixty days was the stated lead time, and that wasn’t going to fly.  

What was needed, what had to happen, was to have a significant IP transit capacity upgrade completed, tested, and put into production within five days.   

“DXC was looking for an agile partner to meet the needs of Queensland Rail during a period of rapid COVID-19 related change. The solution had to be implemented within a remarkably short window, so we needed to partner with organisations that were agile and capable of delivering Enterprise grade solutions at short notice.” 
Peter Phillips
Peter Phillips
Client Partner Queensland Public Sector at DXC
DXC Technology logo
megaport logo

The Lightwire Business solution

Lightwire was tasked with setting up a new, geographically redundant active/active transit solution for Queensland Rail in partnership with Megaport and DXC. The timeframe was short, less than one week to test and go live, and it went off without a hitch.  

According to Brendan Ritchie, CEO for Lightwire Business, while a difficult assignment, there was no hesitation to commit to the project, “we have a great team and back ourselves to deliver. But it certainly helps that our partners, DXC and Megaport, matched our enthusiasm to step up and deliver during an unprecedented and challenging period.”  

Lightwire was asked to join the project on the 23rd March, and early in the morning of the 29th March, the requested services went live. As Alison puts it;

“Lightwire was able to meet our strict timelines and provide a fully redundant elastic IP transit service, ensuring that the change in our traffic profile didn’t result in network congestion.”  
Queensland Rail
Alison Day
GM Information and Communication Technology at Queensland Rail

Subsequent testing demonstrated that the active/active resiliency worked as advertised, and the time to deploy was seven weeks faster than the incumbent could commit to delivering. Peter’s team saw that;

“Lightwire’s key people were available at all hours as required and had the capabilities to match their efforts. Combined with Megaport’s elastic network fabric, Lightwire and DXC were able to deliver on time and on budget for Queensland Rail.”
Peter Phillips
Peter Phillips
Client Partner Queensland Public Sector at DXC

 If you would like to know more about the services available via Lightwire Business, please reach out via 

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