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Combining AU & NZ Minutes

In the third quarter of 2020, Lightwire has released three great voice product initiatives. The first was unlimited calling on a per channel basis. The second was the real-time graphing of voice channel utilisation inside of Illume. And the third is the subject of this video, having all of our calling plans now include New Zealand and Australian landline and mobile minutes

Calls between AU & NZ are no longer international calls

We have added further value to our calling plans for Teams Calling, 3CX and SIP Trunks by no longer seeing calls to Australia from New Zealand or to New Zealand from Australia as international calls.

Lightwire has two calling plan types, bundles and unlimited. The bundle plan comes with a set number of included national and mobile minutes and the unlimited plan gives you as many minutes to mobile and landlines and 1300 numbers in Australia as you like.

Previously, these plans included only New Zealand minutes for New Zealand service plans and only Australian minutes for Australian service plans. But now, to better reflect our position is a Trans-Tasman entity, all plans, regardless of where you are based include New Zealand and Australian Minutes.

So this means that all of these calls are essentially domestic and your business can cost-effectively factor in calls to Australia or New Zealand as part of a standard plan. This has now been in place for a month, actually and applies to all existing plans.

You may well have seen a few subtle changes within Illume reflecting the new call classification types

So in summary, what we’re saying is that we see New Zealand and Australia as one country. As always if you have any questions, just sing out

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