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Chorus releases Small Business Fibre product

Chorus is adding new layer 2 services and dropping existing layer 2 service prices (and we are passing them on in full).

In this video I get into the detail – transcript below for those that prefer a read.

Chorus UFB pricing and product news

Chorus is dropping its price, the price Lightwire and others pay for the service at a wholesale level, for Max/500 BS2 UFB services from 1st July 2019.

The current wholesale rate is $75, this will drop to $70, and we will be passing on that cost saving in full.

That is simple enough, and good news all round, and there is more good news out from Chorus in the same space, although some of the details are still being worked out.

If you follow my blogs you will know my thoughts on the unbundled/PONFAS rollout and pricing, you will know that Chorus is doing all it can to position its layer 2 products in the best possible light to discourage take up of PONFAS.

Through the introduction of a new product called Small Business Fibre, Chorus is offering two of the existing BS2 service speeds with service restore targets comparable to BS3/HSNS/BS4 services, while dropping the wholesale buy price for the Max/500 service to $65 ($10 below current price for the BS2 service with a weaker SLA).

So let’s take a look at the plans:

For clients currently on 100Mbps or less, either option will be more expensive, but if you are on 200Mbps or better, you will get more for less. The unknown at this point is just how Chorus is going to handle the transition from existing BS2 200/200 and Max/500 services, I don’t know if a MAC charge will apply or if an outage will be experienced.

As for the SLAs, this handy little table shows what BS2 services are currently covered by and what the new service will offer, and with resolutions expected up to 24 hours faster, the change is not insignificant.

Realistically though, no business can handle being down for 6 hours, so having a backup option in place is key.

So, plenty of news coming from Chorus, and I will keep you up to date as the transition options to the Small Business Fibre plans take shape.

Hyperfibre just landed in Auckland

With the initial release of hyperfibre, our most bandwidth-hungry customers in these four areas can be amongst the first to enjoy up to 4Gbps of symmetrical speeds with pricing starting from $189 + GST p/month for the 2Gbps service.

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