3cx reporting functionality

3CX Reporting Functionality

When it comes to making sense of 3CX reports, there are two distinct types of reports, your standard call reporting and on-demand reports that can be retrieved or configured to send via email on schedule you set. 

3CX Reports available

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3CX Productvity reports

This set of reports can show at a glance how many calls are being made and received by users, and can be broken down to specific extensions or groups of extensions

Some reports can be used for all extensions, while others can only be used for calling queues, as they are built more for a call-centre situation

User Activity Graph

The “User Activity Graph” shows the progress and activity of an extension, so a manager can see which are the busiest periods of the day, month or year. By default it includes queue calls and can also show internal calls, if the option “Include Internal Calls” is enabled.

The extension statistic report shows the answered/ unanswered calls for a single agent or an extension range. The report automatically separates inbound and outbound calls, and then shows combined total. When scheduling the report you can choose to include all calls or exclude internal/ external calls as required.

3cx user activity graph report

Extension Statistic 3CX Report

The extension statistic 3CX report shows the answered/unanswered calls for a single agent or an extension range. The report automatically separates inbound and outbound calls and then shows the combined total. When scheduling the report, you can choose to include all calls or exclude internal/external calls as required.

  • Reports on the number of inbound and outbound calls, as well as the total talking time
  • The report can show all extensions or just a specific set, and can also be tailored to certain time ranges
  • Can also choose to include/exclude internal or external calls
3cx extension statistic report

Ring Group Statistics

The ring group statistics report will show you the number of answered and received calls for one or multiple ring groups, depending on how many you add during the report scheduling. Note: this function works for ring groups only

The report automatically breaks this down by agent extension number so you can see which of your agents are working hardest

Call Distribution

Can detail calls for specific groups or ranges of extensions (or all extensions) broken down hour-by-hour for a day, day-by-day for a month, or month-by-month for a year.

Can include or exclude internal, queue, or calls are less than a certain length.

3cx call distribution report

Agents in Queue Statistics

This 3CX report shows you vital statistics for the agents logged into your call queues. Here’s what’s included:

  • Total time logged in
  • Calls: Number answered, % serviced and number answered per hour
  • Ring time: Total ring time and the mean average
  • Talk time: Total talk time and the mean average

The report is also available as CSV file.

Note: The agents in queue statics report is queue only

3cx agents in queue statistics report

Agent Login History

This shows when extensions who are a member of a calling queue log in and out of the queue, their total time logged in, and their total talk time

Note: The agents login history report only tracks agents logged into and out of the queue.

3cx agent login history report

Quality of Service Reports

Quality of service reports help queue managers to monitor the experience of customers dialing in. There are over 15 Quality of Service reports are available in 3CX reports. They include, but are not limited to;

  • Call Reports
  • Call Costs by Extension Group
  • Average Queue Waiting Time
  • Queue Answered/Unanswered Calls
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Queue performance overview
  • Queue (Failed) Callbacks
3cx wallboard

Call Reports

Provides logs for all calls that fit specific parameters to allow you to drill down into the path that a caller might take and how long they may be waiting for an answer or talking to a representative.

It is also available as a CSV, which would allow Excel manipulation of the data

3cx call reports


Provides a total number of calls received on a specific DID, and can be broken down by trunk if there are multiple in use

3cx trunk report

Queue answered/unanswered calls

A simple graph detailing number of answered and unanswered calls into one or more queues over a day, month, or year.

Graphs showing only answered or unanswered calls are also available.

3cx queue answered report

Statistic SLA

Reports the number of calls that had breached a queue’s SLA waiting time.

Breaches SLA report allows for a breakdown of all calls that breached the SLA, along with the caller’s waiting time.

Note: You also have the option to exclude calls that were dropped before a specific amount of time (this is customizable)

3cx statistic SLA report

Queue Performance

The queue performance overview report aims to summarise the service level for one or multiple queues.

The report will show you how many calls were received, serviced and unserviced by queue, and it automatically breaks the statistics down by agent, so you can quickly identify star agents.

3cx queue performance report

Average Queue Waiting Time

A 3CX report showing the average waiting time for callers to a specific queue (or queues).

Calculated Hour-by-Hour over a day, day-by-day for a month, or month-by-month for a year.

3CX average queue waiting time report

3CX keeps expending on it’s product set as well as their reports and we look forward to seeing what other 3CX reports, 3CX has in store for us in the future.

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