1300/tollfree inbound added to unlimited AU plan

We are doubling down on the value offered by our per channel based unlimited voice plans for our Australian clients.

We have been talking about the savings gained through our per channel pricing model for a long time now, how it scales far more effectively than a per user approach. Well, now we have further reduced costs for our voice customers by eliminating variable inbound call charges from our unlimited plans.

From December 1st, Lightwire’s unlimited plans will pack even more punch in Australia, with inbound calls to 1800 and 1300 numbers also included without additional charge. This addition makes Lightwire’s unlimited plans an even better fit for businesses that are running inbound call centres/service desks and want to eliminate variable call charges from their costs.

What is included in our AU unlimited calling plans:

What isn’t included:

The new unlimited plan applies to Lightwire’s 3CX, Teams Calling with Direct Routing and SIP Trunk services.

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