3CX Licenses

Looking to deploy your own 3CX solution for a customer? As a 3CX Solutions Provider, Lightwire can get you going with a 3CX license to suit.

3CX Solutions Provider

Take Control

If you’re looking to host and manage a 3CX solution for your customers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lightwire is your one-stop 3CX Solutions Provider. Through our unique position in the market, we are able to offer 3CX licenses and certified SIP trunks.

Total Control

You’re free to do whatever you please with your 3CX license, whether you want to on-sell the license or use it to self host a 3CX solution.

Partner Discounts

As a 3CX Partner, you’ll be eligible for discounted rates on our annual 3CX license. 3CX partners can get support directly from 3CX.

A Stress free alternative

Make supporting your voice solution easier on yourself. With Lightwire’s hosted 3CX Unified Comms Solution the end to end management, maintenance, and support is in the hands of our experts.

A 3CX license for each situation.

Installation and maintenance of your business communications system is made easy with 3CX. Giving you the ability to manage it yourself, whether on-premise on an appliance or server, or in the cloud. The most difficult choice is likely to be which type of license to select.

There are three 3CX licenses, which one you need depends on business requirements. Check out the feature list by clicking on the button below to compare licenses and pick the most suitable 3CX license for your client’s business. 

3CX Standard license

Most basic feature set – suitable for smaller organisations that have simplistic requirements for their business phone system.

3CX Pro license

Most popular license that offers the best value for money for the majority of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. 

3CX Enterprise license

All the Pro features plus skills based routing, increased web conference participants and call recording control.

On-Premise / Hosted             

3CX Standard License3CX Pro License3CX Enterprise License
On-Premise: Debian, Windows / Raspberry Pitick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Private Cloud:
Amazon, Google, Azure
tick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Easy Backup and Restoretick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
VMware / Hyper-V / KVMtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing

Core PBX Features                 

3CX Standard License3CX Pro License3CX Enterprise License
Unlimited Extensionstick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
iOS & Android appstick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Choose own SIP Trunktick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
iOS & Android appstick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Choose own SIP Trunktick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Receive Voicemail via Emailtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Intercom / Paging / PA Announcementstick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Call Parking / Pickuptick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)tick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Real Time System Statustick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Inbuilt SBC to deploy offsite phonestick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Voicemailtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Voicemail Transcription tick pricingtick pricing
Custom FQDN tick pricingtick pricing
Custom SMTP Server tick pricingtick pricing

Office Productivity

3CX Standard License 3CX Pro License3CX Enterprise License
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionisttick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneouslytick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Integrated Fax Servertick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Easily provision & manage IP phones network wide / in the cloudtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Plug & Play Phone Provisioningtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Apps: Windows and Web Client, iOS, Androidtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Phone Directorytick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Headset Integrationtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Microsoft 365 Integration tick pricingtick pricing
CRM Integration tick pricingtick pricing
Call Query against DB & CRM tick pricingtick pricing
Hotel PBX compatible with Fidelio Certified, Mitel & more tick pricingtick pricing
Web Conference Dial-In tick pricingtick pricing

Web Conferencing                   

 3CX Standard License 3CX Pro License3CX Enterprise License
Screen Sharingtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Remote Assistancetick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Pollstick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
PDF Sharingtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Screen Sharingtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Remote Assistancetick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Whiteboardtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing

*Max number of participants per 3CX Instance.

Call Center Features               

 3CX Standard License3CX Pro License 3CX Enterprise License
Call Queues tick pricingtick pricing
Call Reports tick pricingtick pricing
Call Recording tick pricingtick pricing
Call Loggingtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Click2Call Browser Extensiontick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Click2Talktick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Click2Meettick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
CRM Integration tick pricingtick pricing
Group Call Queue Rights Management tick pricingtick pricing
Call Queues tick pricingtick pricing
Real Time Statistics & Monitoring tick pricingtick pricing
Supervisor Agent Status Override tick pricingtick pricing
SLA Alerting tick pricingtick pricing
Switchboard tick pricingtick pricing
Wallboard tick pricingtick pricing
Callback tick pricingtick pricing
Call & Queue Reporting tick pricingtick pricing
Call Recording Transcription & Search tick pricingtick pricing
Barge in / Listen in / Whisper tick pricingtick pricing

Contact Center                         

 3CX Standard License3CX Pro License 3CX Enterprise License
Live Chattick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
Facebook Messagingtick pricingtick pricingtick pricing
SMS tick pricingtick pricing
CRM Integration tick pricingtick pricing
Chat Reports tick pricingtick pricing
Monitor/Whisper tick pricingtick pricing
Escalate Chat to Call tick pricingtick pricing

Enterprise Features                 

 3CX Standard License 3CX Pro License3CX Enterprise License
Call Recording Control  tick pricing
Inbuilt Failover  tick pricing
Standby License  tick pricing
Custom IP Phone logo  tick pricing

The Scaleable Voice Model - Channels.

Per user charges sound great until you realise you are paying for calls your staff aren’t making. That’s why 3CX licenses are based on how many simultaneous calls you can support at any given time. In more technical terms we call this how many simultaneous channels you require.

The per channel model makes 3CX cost-effective and flexible by sharing the license and channels among all users. 

When purchasing a 3CX license, you need to consider concurrent call capacity instead of phone extensions/DDIs. We’ve found from experience that on average that 4 users require 1 channel. 

Per user per channel

Why buy licenses through Lightwire?

As a channel-focused organisation, we win when you win. Our people and systems ensure you have the speed of delivery, insights, and support access to guarantee the best possible experience.

Every element of the 3CX ecosystem can be obtained through Lightwire. Whether you’re looking for 3CX licenses, certified SIP trunks, or to outsource it all to us with our managed Hosted 3CX, we’re the 3CXperts that are channel and partner focused, and we will get the job done right.

3CX Certified SIP Trunks

Lightwire’s SIP trunks have been tested and certified against each build by 3CX. No manual configuration required, just plug and play your PBX with one of our SIP Trunks to get one of the smoothest and most reliable on-premises or hosted 3CX experiences.

Lightwire Business is a 3CX partner that holds the preferred partner and platinum 3CX partner status in both Australia and New Zealand.

Lightwire a 3CX Platinum Partner
Certified Staff@2x 100

3CX on steroids when hosted by Lightwire.

Let Lightwire take away the stress and strain of moving telecommunications providers and/or solutions. Lightwire advanced certified voice engineers will fully install and manage your 3CX instance to ensure your business phone system works as it should. Some other ways we make your life easier are;
  1. 99.9999% Up-time. Uninterrupted connectivity with the service level agreements to back it up – never worry again.  
  2. 24/7 Support free of charge. Relax – let our 3CX certified engineers that live and breathe 3CX solve your problems for you.
  3. Voice analytics. Get all the voice insights you can possibly want from our portal, illume. 
  4. Voice Rebilling System. Wholesalers get access to our voice rebilling system inside illume, making on charging a breeze.
AJ Williams
AJ WilliamsManaging Director @ Mercury IT
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Lightwire offers 3CX at extremely competitive rates while providing market leading service and support. Mercury IT prides itself on partnering with the best in the business, and with Lightwire we know our clients are in good hands.

Need A License or want to find out pricing?

Simply fill out this form for 3CX license pricing.

Your 3CX software is delivered electronically and activated by a license key.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email and we’ll begin processing your order right away. We usually process licence orders within 2 business days.

We can work with you to determine what’s best for your business.

However, as a general rule of thumb, 1 channel per 3-4 users is sufficient, i.e. a company with 50 users would need a 16 channel licence.

Yes. 3CX licence(s) requires renewal every year.

We’ll send you a reminder that your license is coming up for renewal.

Yes. You can upgrade your subscription at any point in time by just paying the difference for the remaining period.

For the best experience we recommend using a 3CX Certified SIP Trunk provider, like Lightwire, which ensures an optimal experience and reliability when used with 3CX.

Yes. contact us to get the pricing based on your current partner status.

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