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52. MSP meets AI

52. MSP meets AI

Today Brendan and Dave Sobel from MSP Radio are talking about one of the hottest topics in tech right now with a focus on ChatGPT – the AI tool that’s taking the world by storm. 🤖

We dug deep into the topic of regulation surrounding AI and its implications for the IT industry, and the impact of AI on job opportunities for MSPs and the wider economy.

You will discover how you can leverage the opportunities presented by AI and use it to your advantage.

So, grab a notepad and get ready to dive into this week’s episode to learn all about the power of AI in the IT industry!


  • 0:00 Intro Dave Sobel from MSP Radio
  • 3:10 Evolution of AI for MSPs
  • 8:15 Risk of sensitive data ending up on the internet
  • 12:00 How do we need to regulate AI?
  • 20:00 Preventing damage caused bad actors
  • 22:00 What impact will AI have on employment?
  • 26:00 How AI will help you be productive
  • 35:00 Can AI help your MSP stand out?
  • 44:00 What would social media look like if there was regulation
  • 46:35 How understanding AI will drive MSP profit

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