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51. The MSP model is dead

51. The MSP model is dead

James Davis, the Pax8 Academy Director, joins Brendan to chat about the changing MSP landscape.

From the decline of the traditional MSP model to pricing models and the challenges posed by SaaS vendors – they cover it all.

Tune in to find out how you can shift your MSP to a more profitable model, the necessary skillset for a successful cybersecurity play, and where the industry is heading. So, grab your headphones and get ready to dive into this week’s episode.


  • 0:00 Who is Pax8 Academy Director, James Davis
  • 2:00 Why the traditional MSP is dying
  • 5:45 Are SaaS vendors going after MSPs lunch money?
  • 7:15 How can MSPs move to a more profitable model
  • 10:15 The fastest way to long-term MSP profitability
  • 11:45 The skillset needed to make cybersecurity work
  • 14:30 How partnership ecosystems boost profitability
  • 16:00 Tech Solutions Provider – The future of MSPs
  • 23:00 Specialist vs Boutique Solution Providers
  • 27:30 Scaled TSPs – the cost effective way of delivering services
  • 32:45 The real reason why you want to buy other MSPs
  • 38:00 Quarterly Business Reviews and how it drives business
  • 44:00 Escape the downward spiral
  • 48:30 Setting a sustainable pricing strategy

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